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Better administra­tion needed for Sipadan, Ligitan – rep



DATU: Former Assistant Minister of Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environmen­t, Assafal P. Alian hopes the government will have a better administra­tion plan with the return of Pulau Sipadan and Ligitan.

Assafal said a better administra­tion plan is needed to ensure the sustainabi­lity of these treasures can be well preserved for Sabahans and the future generation.

He said this return of administra­tion is one of the success to claim 21 issues in which 17 have been addressed, while four others are in the midst of discussion to be implemente­d.

"Among the 17 related issues is the matter involving the environmen­t in which early process towards a decline in power to Sabah have been started under Environmen­t Protection Department Sabah.

"The efforts to return the rights in Malaysia Agreement 1963 should be in form of execution not only in term or name only," he said.

Assafal, who is also Tungku Assemblyma­n hopes the Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environmen­t Ministry led by the Permanent Secretary and experience­d staff will be able to achieve the goals.

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