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E-Tenancy now available on Property Hunter


KOTA KINABALU: Closing a deal on a home can be a long and strenuous process. With technology these days, we are finding more and more ways to streamline operations to maximize efficiency and save time.

Now on Property Hunter, why not skip the long drive to meet up face-to-face when you can choose the ease of signing your tenancy agreement digitally?

The E-Tenancy Agreement feature allows users to legally sign an electronic agreement between the landlord and tenant, at any place and any time.

Is it safe?

Short answer - yes, the etenancy agreement is entirely safe to use!

The feature is introduced in collaborat­ion with LePro, a legal tech company that develops the Lesys Tenancy app, which is a system that has been vetted by lawyers and real estate negotiator­s in Malaysia.

“E-Tenancy is legal in Malaysia. Lepro is one of the officially appointed companies by LHDN for e-stamping and we have helped our clients (agents and agencies) in e-stamping since 2016. Today, we have more than 500 E-TA stamped by LHDN. All E-TA will be attached to a digital audit trail. This is the digital witness,” said Yenson Lee, the COO of LePro.

According to Malaysian Law Section 9(1) Electronic Commerce Act, “Where the law requires a signature of a person on a document, the requiremen­t of the law is deemed fulfilled, if the document is in the form of an electronic message, by an electronic signature which :

Is attached to or is logically associated with the electronic message;

Adequately identifies the person and adequately indicates the person's approval of the informatio­n to which the signature relates' and

Is as reliable as is appropriat­e given the purpose for which, and the circumstan­ces in which, the signature is required.” Greater Convenienc­e E-Tenancy on Property Hunter is purpose-built for agents in mind. As agents are the largest group of users for tenancy agreement, the digital service will now save them a great deal of time.

Traditiona­lly, agents would have to meet up with the landlord and tenants in person to get the agreement signed. With E-tenancy, the same agreements can now be digitally signed and stamped, all done at the tip of fingers.

“We are always looking for ways to bring more value to our agents. We are confident that this new feature will enhance the work of agents and make their lives easier,” said April Santos, Manager for Agent Growth at Property Hunter.

Why use E-signing?

The e-signing process will go through multiple layers of verificati­on similar to those practised in the banking industry. The digital trail makes it safe as all e-signing processes can be audited and traced back.

Of course, convenienc­e and flexibilit­y are the key reasons why e-signing will be the future of agreements.

Start using this feature when you register an agent account with Property Hunter.

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