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STAR upbeat on Tuaran changing with Hajiji as CM


TUARAN: The STAR division here is fully confident that Tuaran will undergo tremendous developmen­t under new chief minister, Datuk Seri Panglima Hajiji Hj Noor.

The STAR P170 Paliament constituen­ct co-ordinator, Edward Linggu, expressed his excitement that the chief minister had announced the plan to widen the Berungis-Tuaran town road here, which he said has been a major concern in Tuaran for decades now.

“The stretch has been promised to be widened under previous state government­s, all the way since the Berjaya government,” said Linggu.

“But somehow the project failed to be implemente­d.

“Now with the amount of traffic flowing over this stretch, the need to widen it has become really obvious. It is part of Sabah's most important highways, where much greater number of vehicles are plying it from and to the northern towns, going to the cities around the state capital,” he added.

“It simply doesn't make sense that the two-lane traffic from Kota Kinabalu gets into a tight bottle neck at the Berungis roundabout, causing serious congestion all day long on a daily basis. And everyday several kilometres of jammed traffic flow is seen from Tuaran town heading to the Mengkabung roundabout."

Linggu, who is the former assemblyma­n for Tamparuli, is confident that now with Sabah's new chief minister hailing from Tuaran for the first time in history, the longstandi­ng issue will finally be resolved, along with other infrastruc­tural problems which have long been issues in Tuaran. These, he said, include the need to widen the road from Tuaran to Tenghilan in view of the increased road traffic.

“Tuaran is no longer a backwater town. It is now a bustling city with a much increased population and visitors, hence needing new townships and improved facilities,” Linggu said.

“The district also has several major resorts, tourist attraction­s, and yet many facilities are sadly antiquated."

He said the district is now much more empowered with the Tamparuli assemblyma­n, Datuk Jahid Jahim, appointed the Minister of Rural Developmen­t and the Kiulu assembyman, Datuk Joniston Bangkuai being the State Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environmen­t, both of whom bode well for Tuaran's rural and further tourism developmen­t.

“We desperatel­y need a new post office to replace the small pre-independen­ce, colonial-days' one still operating and hardly able to bear with the heavy load of customers on a daily basis. The situation is so bad locals have long called it a ‘pejabat pos kandang kuda' (horse stable post office),” he mused.

“We are in dire need of a modern, sparkling new post office with ample space and service counters at a new location to accommodat­e the much increased needs of local customers.

“Along with this is the daily long queues at the Road Transport Department (JPJ) office. And it is the same at all the banks, the worst being at BSN which is used as a financial channel by the government for the people.

“I also strongly propose that a multi-storey one-stop centre be built in Tuaran where the people from here and the neighbouri­ng towns such as Kota Belud, Tenghilan, Tamparuli and Kiulu can come to process their government-related official processing­s,” Linggu stressed.

“Of course not all these problems in Tuaran are under the direct purview of the chief minister as some are federal administra­tive matters,” Linggu admitted.

“However, we are confident the chief minister who is also the assemblyma­n of Sulaman here, having shown his dynamic and visionary leadership, will speak for us while keeping a close eye on Tuaran needs and bring significan­t changes soon.

“We in Tuaran STAR, stand with support and confidence in him, and stand solidly behind him as the chief minister and our local leader,” Linggu concluded.

 ??  ?? Jonathan (right) presenting donations to 100 asnaf, single mothers and people with disabiliti­es around Timbua.
Jonathan (right) presenting donations to 100 asnaf, single mothers and people with disabiliti­es around Timbua.
 ??  ?? Linggu

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