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Tawau Hospital receives four bunk beds


TAWAU: Former Commanding officer of the 516 Regiment of the Territoria­l Army for East Coast, Brigadier General (B) Tan Sri Datuk Liew Yun Fah (JP) has warned irresponsi­ble people not to spread rumours or blame each other about the recurrence and reinfectio­n of the Covid-19 virus.

Liew said this third wave of the epidemic was much more serious than before as many infected patients were admitted to the intensive care unit of Tawau hospital.

He was also informed by the deputy director of Tawau hospital Dr Azman Ibrahim that many doctors and nurses take turns working during day time and night time.

The doctors could only be stationed in the hospital (oncall) resulting in insufficie­nt resting equipment.

Therefore, Liew took the initiative to lend his hands with the cooperatio­n of the CF Chan Furniture Sdn Bhd managing director, Chan Hon Fah to donate four single bunk beds as well as eight mattresses and eight pillows to Tawau hospital.

The items were personally presented by Chan to the assistant director (management) of Tawau hospital Pang Chun Song while witnessed by Liew and his team.

Liew thanked Chan for his generosity and hoped such items could provide a good rest for the doctors in the on-call room.

“Meanwhile, I also urge every individual to comply with the stated SOPs and concentrat­e on breaking the chain of Covid19. As we know, the number of doctors and nurses here is limited and the Tawau hospital is also trying to seek help from the Kota Kinabalu hospital to send more doctors and specialist­s to Tawau,” he said.

He also expressed his gratitude to the frontliner­s especially the medical officers and personnel, who have to leave their family and take high risk to work in the hospital throughout this epidemic.

 ??  ?? Chan (right) presenting the items to Tawau hospital, received by Pang and witnessed by Liew and his team.
Chan (right) presenting the items to Tawau hospital, received by Pang and witnessed by Liew and his team.

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