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Working in film makes me feel alive, says Jamie Foxx


JAMIE Foxx, 52, has urged people to make changes to their profession­s if they don’t feel like they want to be ‘involved’ in their work every day because it’s an outlook that has served him well over the years.

He told Sorted magazine: “There’s something about working in the entertainm­ent industry that makes you feel alive. It’s a very special feeling to know you’re in the right place doing what you’re doing.

“If you feel like you’re not comfortabl­e, you’re probably not in the right role or place in your life. If what you’re doing doesn’t come natural or you don’t want to get up in the morning and be involved, think about making a change. Maybe that’s a piece of advice I could give to someone! I’ve used it myself many times.”

The ‘Just Mercy’ actor’s Christian faith is very important to him and whatever he’s doing in his life and career, he always makes sure he is ‘truthful to [himself]’.

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JAMIe Foxx

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