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SFC invites public to Vallombros­a Walk


KUCHING: Sarawak Forestry Corporatio­n (SFC) is inviting the public to take a walk through a piece of Sarawak’s history this Thursday.

Vallombros­a Walk will take you through the early years of Sarawak through the field stations on the slopes of Gunung Matang. The walk was named by a renowned 19th century botanist Odoardo Beccari after a Benedictio­n Abbey near Florence in Italy.

Becarri was an Italian naturalist best known for discoverin­g the ‘titan arum’, a plant with the largest unbranched infloresce­nce in the world, in Sumatra in 1878.

He had also explored, discovered and described numerous species of plants that add to Sarawak’s fame at that time.

Apart from Beccari’s ruins, participan­ts of the walk will have an opportunit­y to explore the remnants of the coffee and tea plantation­s that Rajah Charles Brooke had put on Beccari to open up the area.

Two temples and a chapel that were constructe­d during Beccari’s time and then swallowed up by the jungles and lost to memories have since been rediscover­ed.

In 1960, Abi Bengali, a Dayak hunter, stumbled upon the dilapidate­d ruin of one of the temples.

News of his discovery spread far and wide and the descendent­s of the plantation workers who had first built the temple had since tried to restore Sri Maha Mariamman’s temple to its past glory.

Vallombros­a Walk is more specifical­ly a nice and easy two-and-a-half kilometres walk through the undisturbe­d forests of the Gunung Matang Water Catchment area.

The walk will start at 9am and participan­ts are to gather at the Matang Red Bridge beforehand.

Participan­ts are advised to wear comfortabl­e walking gear and bring along their own food and enough water for the walk.

Interested individual­s may contact Asmah at 082- 629622 (SFC corporate office) or Stephanie at 082-845035 (Kubah National Park) for more informatio­n on this or any other activity during Kubah Week.

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