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Students join BeliBeli24 rider fleet to earn pocket money


SIBU: The BeliBeli24 rider f leet is gaining popularity with even students joining to earn extra income.

According to UiTM Kota Samarahan student Abg Nazreen Abg Burhanudin, graduates should be bold enough to take up jobs that might not match their education level.

“I join the BeliBeli24 rider fleet in Sibu during every semester break to earn extra pocket money,” said the Diploma in Computer Science student.

“To me, even though we are university students, we should not be ashamed or be too choosy about taking up jobs. After all we take up jobs just to gain experience and at the same time to earn some pocket money rather than depending too much on our parents for it ( pocket money). As long as we have our own motorcycle and driving licence, we can join the BeliBeli24 rider fleet.

“It is so much fun to be part of the BeliBeli24 rider fleet. Not only we get to know more routes around the city or town when delivering the orders by customers, but indirectly we can make more friends whenever we meet them to deliver their orders,” he said.

Nazreen added that he could earn more than RM50 per day.

“I can earn up to RM1,400 in a month. As I am still young and fit, I can go on more than 25 trips per day,” he said.

“Previously, my father and mother gave me pocket money to spend, but now I can share my income with them.”

Nazreenurg­edstudents andunemplo­yed graduates to not be ashamed with doing part-time jobs in order to earn extra income even though the job might not match their education level.

Meanwhile, there will a walk-inintervie­w session for BeliBeli24 riders on Aug 1, from 9am- 4pm at Kota Samarahan Indoor Stadium. BeliBeli24 is an online platform which offers economical solution for businesses to be online and connect to the growing online market. BeliBeli24 allows businesses to have their own booking system or access the BeliBeli24 on- demand delivery fleet.

 ??  ?? An exhibition displaying students’ work.
An exhibition displaying students’ work.

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