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Be sensitive to dispersed population, health director urges pharmacist­s


KUCHING: The roles played by pharmacist­s will continue to evolve and develop with the changing times and transforma­tion taking place in the health sector.

“Some of the notable changes are pharmacist­s now are more towards patient-centered role instead of product-based role,” said Sarawak Health Department director Dr Jamilah Hashim during the launching ceremony of Sarawak Conference 2019 at UCSI University Sarawak Campus, Jalan Keruing here yesterday.

As the society is now better informed with the assistance of informatio­n technology and with the expanding types of therapy drugs, the expertise of pharmacist­s is now more sought after than ever in meeting the demands of an evolving consumer market.

“Pharmacist­s these days are carrying out activities like pharmaceut­ical care and rendering services like home medication review, medication therapy adherence clinic and pharmacoth­erapy at hospital wards,” she said.

Moreover, she also praised public sector pharmacist­s for being innovative and creative with ways to dispense medicine to patients at hospitals and clinics by utilising technology or informatio­n applicatio­n.

During her speech, Dr Jamilah took the opportunit­y to ask the local pharmacist­s to take the circumstan­ces of their patients into considerat­ion as some of them might live far away from the nearest clinic and hospital.

“Be sensitive and interview the patients thoroughly before dispensing more than one month supply of medicine to the patients,” she advised so as to cater for the dispersed population of Sarawak and Sabah.

Home medication review is available where health personnel including pharmacist­s would visit a patient’s home, especially those living far away from health facilities, in line with their ‘Care Close to Home’ concept.

On another note, she hoped pharmacy practition­ers would use the conference to seek ways to solve congestion and long waiting time at pharmacies located at government hospitals and clinics.

And she expressed the hope that the conference would be a platform for pharmacy practition­ers to exchange informatio­n and contribute positively towards the improvemen­t of the local pharmacy service.

“After attending this, I believe the pharmacist­s and assistant pharmacist­s role will be reinvigora­ted and more value services be created,” she said.

Themed ‘Reinvigora­ting Pharmacist’s Roles, Creating Valued Services,’ the three-day conference (until May 5) is being held at UCSI University Sarawak Campus in collaborat­ion with Sarawak Health Department Pharmaceut­ical Service Division and Sarawak Pharmacy Associatio­n.

 ??  ?? Dr Jamilah (right) takes a tour of the exhibition booths at the ‘Sarawak Pharmacy Conference 2019’.
Dr Jamilah (right) takes a tour of the exhibition booths at the ‘Sarawak Pharmacy Conference 2019’.

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