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Pressure on for Brexit compromise after polls debacle


LONDON: Britain’s two biggest parties said there was renewed impetus Saturday to find a compromise on Brexit after taking a battering in local elections from voters exasperate­d by the impasse.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s governing centre-right Conservati­ves had a disastrous result, losing more than a thousand seats in the English local authority polls. But the left-wing Labour main opposition led by Jeremy Corbyn failed to capitalise, and even managed to lose seats.

Instead, two pro-EU parties profited: the centrist, Liberal Democrats were up 676 and the left-wing Greens added 185. Independen­ts, meanwhile, gained 242.

Yet, in a sign of the frustratio­n among pro-Brexit supporters, many voters boasted on social media of how they spoiled their ballots, writing “Brexit betrayal” and ‘traitors’ on their voting slips.

The Conservati­ves and Labour are in prolonged talks on finding a compromise to break the Brexit deadlock after MPs failed to agree on a divorce deal with the European Union.

“We can look at those local election results as a punishment for both the Labour Party and the Conservati­ve Party for failing to find a way through,” Justice Secretary David Gauke told BBC television.

Corbyn told ITV there was clearly a “huge impetus... that an arrangemen­t has to be made, a deal has to be done; parliament has to resolve this issue”. — AFP

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