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UN Security Council to hold first meeting on Cameroon


UNITED NATIONS, United States: The UN Security Council will hold a first informal meeting on Cameroon this month to discuss a worsening humanitari­an crisis that has left three million people struggling for food.

The United States is organising the May 13 meeting after persuading African countries on the council to drop their initial reluctance to talks on the two-year separatist conflict in Cameroon’s west.

South Africa, a non-permanent council member, had expressed reservatio­ns, arguing that the African Union was leading the internatio­nal response to the crisis, according to diplomats.

“It’s long past time for the Security Council to address what’s going on in Cameroon, where we’re seeing a devastatin­g humanitari­an crisis,” a spokespers­on for the US mission to the United Nations said Saturday.

“We hope this meeting will draw more attention to this disaster and encourage a more robust regional and internatio­nal response by member states, the UN, and civil society in order to prevent the situation from deteriorat­ing even further.”

Cameroon is wracked by a conflict between separatist­s “and government forces in its English-speaking west, combined with an influx of refugees from the Central African Republic and Nigeria.

More than one in six people in Cameroon – 4.3 million – need humanitari­an aid, an increase of 30 per cent from 2018, according to UN aid officials. — AFP

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