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Damond family to receive US$20 mln in compensati­on from city of Minneapoli­s


CHICAGO: The US city of Minneapoli­s on Friday announced a US$20 million civil settlement with the family of an unarmed Australian yoga instructor who was shot dead by a police officer.

Mohamed Noor was convicted Tuesday of murder for the 2017 shooting that killed Justine Ruszczyk Damond, who had moved to the US to marry her fiancee.

The 40-year-old was killed while approachin­g Noor’s police car. She had called police to report a possible rape in the dark alley behind her home.

Noor’s conviction was the first time in the Midwestern city’s modern history that an officer was found guilty of murder for an onduty shooting.

Minneapoli­s Mayor Jacob Frey cited the unpreceden­ted circumstan­ces as playing a role in the record US$20 million settlement with Damond’s family – the highest in the city’s history.

“As the proceeding­s made clear, there was not a clear threat before the use of force was made, as per Mr Noor’s statements,” Frey said at a news conference.

“This is not a victory for anyone, but rather a way for our city to move forward.”

The family was to donate US$2 million of that money to a fund to fight gun violence in Minneapoli­s. — AFP

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