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Garmin adds period tracking to its latest fitness applicatio­n


GARMIN has announced that a robust menstrual cycle tracking feature has been added to the latest version of the Garmin Connect fitness mobile and wearable applicatio­n.

With the most recent launch of Garmin Connect, users have access to a thorough period tracking feature that helps users log menstrual cycle regularity, flow level, and physical and emotional symptoms. The tool also offers “educationa­l content on subjects like nutrition and training specific to the current phase of their cycle.”

Garmin’s period tracking tech was developed by a team composed entirely of women, to ensure that the applicatio­n truly addresses the wants and needs of women.

In addition to this tool helping women become more aware of their cycles, it allows women to predict how they will feel at a particular time and adjust their exercise in accordance with their periods. This feature files in beside Fitbit’s Female Health Tracking which was introduced last May, and Apple HealthKit’s period tracker which was added to the app in 2015. Garmin’s iteration is among the most robust out there. In fact, Fitbit doesn’t even list “bloating” — one of the most common side effects — as a symptom option. It gets worse, though: some major companies like Samsung have yet to offer any period tracking whatsoever.

With today’s launch, Garmin demonstrat­ed that they do know that half the population is female — better late than never.

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