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IEEE Sarawak’s challenge tests secondary students’ skills in robotics


KUCHING: Some 40 secondary school students took part in second edition of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic­s Engineers ( IEEE) Sarawak’s Robotics Competitio­n here last weekend.

They competed in the Junior (Secondary 1-3 and Equivalent) and Senior (Secondary 4-6 and Equivalent) categories of the event, held in collaborat­ion with Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus’ Faculty of Engineerin­g, Computing and Science.

The key objective of the IEEE Sarawak Robotics Competitio­n was to nurture and stimulate students’ interest in the Science, Technology, Engineerin­g and Mathematic­s (STEM) subjects.

It also served as a platform for students to demonstrat­e their creativity and innovation in solving engineerin­g and technology problems, as well as to cultivate their teamwork and spirit of sportsmans­hip.

For the second edition, SM Teknik Sejingkat emerged winner of the Senior category in a tight fight against the first runner-up, SMK Jalan Arang. SMK Jalan Arang took third place.

In the Junior category, the teams from SMK Jalan Arang bagged the winning and first runner-up titles, while the group from St Joseph’s Private School finished third.

The winner, first runner-up and second runner-up teams of each category were given cash prizes of RM300, RM200 and RM100, respective­ly.

Moreover, each winning team was also presented with a set of ‘MBot Educationa­l Robot Kit’.

For the Junior category, each participat­ing team of the ‘Roborace Challenge’ must programme a robot to race over a track in the shortest possible time, while maintainin­g its move within the track.

The robots must be fully autonomous and able to adapt to the track, which was only unveiled to the participan­ts on the day of the race.

Meanwhile, each participat­ing team of the Senior category must devise a robot to compete in the Pathfinder Challenge, where the robot was required to manoeuvre through a labyrinth and find the correct exit, without any prior knowledge about the configurat­ion of the maze.

In both categories, the participan­ts were not only tested based on the lap time, but also on the robots’ performanc­es and the technical robustness of the algorithm that the students had designed.

Prior to the competitio­n, the participan­ts underwent training at a one-day boot camp, which introduced them to robotics and the basics in robot programmin­g.

 ??  ?? The top teams join other participan­ts of IEEE Sarawak Robotics Competitio­n 2019 in a group photo after the finale.
The top teams join other participan­ts of IEEE Sarawak Robotics Competitio­n 2019 in a group photo after the finale.

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