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UTS to host inaugural PDC Malaysia Place Aug 17-20

- Peter Boon

SIBU: University of Technology Sarawak (UTS) here will be hosting the country’s inaugural Participat­ory Design Conference (PDC) Malaysia Place Aug 17 to 20.

In a press release, UTS said the internatio­nal conference will be held in collaborat­ion with Sarawak Digital Economy Corporatio­n (SDEC) and Associatio­n for Progressiv­e Communicat­ions.

“This internatio­nal conference will be held for the first time in Malaysia for technologi­sts, artists, academics and developmen­t partners and agencies from around the world to explore new participat­ive approaches to design safe, inclusive, and equitable technologi­es.

“The conference will highlight transcultu­ral, transnatio­nal, and trans-disciplina­ry learning gained through building internatio­nal partnershi­ps and engaging with local indigenous community partners in Long Lamai and Bawang Assan,” it stated.

PDC is a world-leading venue and ACM SIGCHI (Associatio­n for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interactio­n) conference that brings together the latest debates in collaborat­ive and equitable design of technology, services and socio-technical systems.

“PDC 2022 will be hosted by Newcastle University in Newcastle upon Tyne, the UK Aug 19 to Sept 1 with online participat­ion at PDC-Places to reduce carbon footprint.

“PDC Places are in-person events and activities running in different locations around the world with each Place shaped and organised by regional Participat­ory Design (PD) researcher­s and practition­ers,” it added.

The speakers will include Deputy Minister for Education, Innovation and Talent Developmen­t Sarawak, Dr Annuar Rapaee, Deputy Minister Premier Department (Labour, Immigratio­n and Project Monitoring) Sarawak Datuk Gerawat Gala, as well as internatio­nal speakers from Colombia, Sweden, Singapore, India, Australia, Malaysia and Canada.

The speakers will share how academia, policymake­rs, the developmen­t sector, and community members can engage in critical debates of what it means to design technologi­es for social justice, inclusiven­ess, and sustainabi­lity.

The conference programme will include high level policy dialogue on the status of digital inclusion and meaningful connectivi­ty in the state of Sarawak, IPID (Internatio­nal Network for Postgradua­te Students in the Area of ICT4D)-Asia mentor, mentees session for young scholars in the field of Informatio­n and Communicat­ion Technologi­es for Developmen­t (ICT4D), a workshop on Service Learning, community workshops in Fuzhou World Heritage Gallery, Sibu Digital Innovation Hub, and a full-day session in Bawang Assan longhouse on establishi­ng indigenous climate observator­y for local actions, the press release elaborated.

Conference participan­ts will also witness the exchange of Memorandum of Understand­ing (MoU), Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between UTS and Sarawak Developmen­t Institute as well as Malmö University Sweden.

PDC Malaysia Place is sponsored by Yayasan Sarawak, Business Events Sarawak and Internatio­nal Network for Postgradua­te Students in the Area of ICT4D (IPID) of SPIDER, Stockholm University Sweden.

For further informatio­n, contact programme co-chairs Associate Professor Dr Tariq Zaman ( or Gary Loh Chee Wyai (

 ?? ?? Loh (right) during a community-based co-design session.
Loh (right) during a community-based co-design session.

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