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Marrybrown’s success story


AN establishe­d chain of restaurant­s, Marrybrown is a 32-year-old company founded in Johor. It is proud to have developed an internatio­nally recognised Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand from an idea to a heart-warming and cheerful family restaurant.

Founded in 1981, Marrybrown has establishe­d its name as the leading Halal Quick Service Restaurant brand.

Marrybrown has delighted customers throughout the years with its creative, surprising and satisfying halal products.

Through the years, the company has never lost its drive to innovate or maintain its highqualit­y standards.

Marrybrown has enjoyed dynamic growth for over 30 years with the support of its franchise community and will continue to be the most popular Halal Quick Service Restaurant in the world.

Today, Marrybrown is in Malaysia, Myanmar, China, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Africa and the Middle East, serving millions of happy customers worldwide.

Marrybrown restaurant­s are suitable for people of all ages and all races, friends, family and everyone.

To ensure its restaurant is friendly for everyone, the design and project teams carefully design every detail of a Marrybrown restaurant.

Most of the Marrybrown outlets come with a party room to hold birthday parties, family gatherings or any other celebrator­y events.

Marrybrown also wants every child to have a wonderful childhood, and for that, it has specially designed playland with fun slide and ball pit, which it calls “Marryland”.

Unique variety of tasty meals

The unique lifestyle menu at Marrybrown features a wide variety of tasty meals, including its Hotouch burger, crispy juicy chicken, healthy salad, famous Kari Mee, rice delicacies and a wide range of awesome beverages and desserts.

Marrybrown, extraordin­ary family restaurant that has something different for everyone, was born in Malaysia and is among the only Halal Quick Service Restaurant in Asia. It knows what Malaysians want and that differenti­ates Marrybrown from other similar chains.

Its innovative team expands its range of local delights with delectable choices such as Nasi Marrybrown, Spicy Seafood Porridge, Chicken Rice, Mee Kari and to everyone’s pleasant surprise, its current promotion of a unique local dessert, Durian Bites.

3 Generation menu

Marrybrown wants to ensure the whole family enjoys their dining experience, so it has carefully designed its “3 Generation” menu to feature something for everyone in the family.

Children select their choice of Burgers and Kiddy Meal that come with a free toy.

Adults will have a selection of chicken, salad and rice products, while for the elderly, there are comfort food choices such as porridge, noodles and finger food.

Industry firsts

Marrybrown, the “QSR pioneer”, has come up with a number of industry firsts since it opened its first restaurant in 1981:

– First to introduce rice products into menu (1990) – First to launch porridge (1998) – First to offer mineral water as soda alternativ­e (2000) – First to develop ball pit playland (2003) At Marrybrown, innovation never ceases. Expansion plans have been put into practice at Marrybrown with its opening in its 16th country – Marrybrown Myanmar opened for business on July 5.

Marrybrown is the first internatio­nal QSR brand establishe­d in the last frontier of Asia, Myanmar.

The new Marrybrown restaurant in Yangon, Myanmar, posted a record-setting RM210,497 in sales in its first seven days.

The Marrybrown team worked very hard to deliver excellent guest service with big smiles and warm hearts despite the overwhelmi­ng crowds.

By January next year, it will be opening five restaurant­s in Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, before expanding to the capital city Naypyidaw.

Marrybrown will develop 25 restaurant­s in Myanmar by the second-quarter of 2016.

Marrybrown’s history is a tale of taste and the successful adaptation of the QSR model to the habits and tastes of Asians.

Since 1981, it has grown steadily – never ceasing to innovate, while holding on to its strong identity.

Marrybrown’s recipes stand out because they hold dear to Asian culinary traditions, offering more elaborate spices, a variety of rice delicacy and tastier halal menu.

Marrybrown introduces Malaysian delights to every country that it is establishe­d in. You will find Nasi Marrybrown in its Dubai restaurant and Mee Kari in Maldives Marrybrown.

Every Marrybrown in any part of the world serves only halal products.

It custom designs its restaurant and even localises its menu to suit the local culture and eating habits and preference­s.

Expansion plans for the near future include Brunei and Singapore in 2014 and Western Europe in 2015.

Marrybrown is proudly made in Malaysia, for the world.

For details, log on to or look it up on Facebook at www.facebook. com/

 ??  ?? Marrybrown’s chicken are irresistib­ly crispy and tasty.
Marrybrown’s chicken are irresistib­ly crispy and tasty.
 ??  ?? Marrybrown features a wide variety of tasty meals.
Marrybrown features a wide variety of tasty meals.

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