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Producing communicat­ion specialist­s


BERJAYA University College of Hospitalit­y (BERJAYA UCH) is proud to announce the launch of its Diploma in PR (Public Relations) programme.

To be offered in the April intake, the course is designed to introduce students to various areas of creative writing and communicat­ions in a range of creative print, online and mobile media that reflect the diversity and scope of today’s practice.

“Communicat­ions has always played an integral role in shaping the views of target markets. The rapid growth of the industry sees an increasing demand for PR practition­ers who are well-versed on verbal and written communicat­ion skills,” says School of Liberal Arts dean Dr Ding Eng Na.

“With social networks, digital media and online communitie­s redefining the way communicat­ions are carried out, it is imperative for companies to have well-planned, well-coordinate­d and well-executed PR campaigns to achieve their organisati­onal goals.

“This requires one to have the ability to multitask and to have a good level of organisati­on and planning skills.

“The innovative curriculum covers elements of strategic writing, critical writing, ethics, crisis management and communicat­ions law.

“The programme is customised to industry trends and engages students to apply new methods and technologi­es when implementi­ng any effective Public Relations campaign plan.

“Students who want to pursue a career in Public Relations should have good inter-personal relations skills and be interested in a wide range of subjects.

“They should also possess a critical mind and have interest in what is going on around them to be aware of current issues and trends.”

Bring people together through ethical communicat­ions structures covering a range of creative media- Only@BERJAYA UCH.

To find out more about the Diploma in PR, call 03-2687 7027.

About BERJAYA University College of Hospitalit­y

BERJAYA UCH is arguably Malaysia’s premier university college in the fields of Hospitalit­y, Culinary Arts, Tourism and Event Management, situated in the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur.

Located on the 11th and 14th floor of Berjaya Times Square, it is conceptual­ly designed with a fivestar hotel ambience and equipped with the most comprehens­ive and advanced facilities that mirrors real world settings.

BERJAYA UCH also offers courses in Business and Liberal Arts.

Affordable higher education

BERJAYA UCH is working to make higher education more accessible, affordable and attainable for everyone.

The PTPTN education financing scheme is available for Malaysian students.

Its affiliatio­n with the Berjaya Corporatio­n Group of Companies also allows it to host several bursary schemes and education scholarshi­ps available to both local and internatio­nal students.

For more informatio­n on BERJAYA UCH, log on to the official website

 ??  ?? Developing solid public relations and communicat­ion skills, ‘Only@BERJAYA’.
Developing solid public relations and communicat­ion skills, ‘Only@BERJAYA’.

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