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Fairy tales and Greek gods

The latest from a TV-star-turnedchil­dren’s-author, a tour of ancient Greece and its gods, plus middle child mayhem.


of it once again – and this time, they have to save both the magical and unmagical worlds! Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods Author: Rick Riordan Publisher: disney-Hyperion, 336 pages, non-fiction

AUTHOR Rick Riordan expounds on the creation myths and gods of the ancient world that he has used so successful­ly in his fiction series. But this is history like you’ve never heard it told before because he uses the voice of his well-known hero, Percy Jackson, to tell the stories of everyone from Apollo to Zeus.

“If you like horror shows, blood baths, lying, stealing, backstabbi­ng, and cannibalis­m, then read on, because it definitely was a Golden Age for all that,” says “Percy”. Watch Out, Hollywood! More Confession­s Of A So-called Middle Child Author: Maria T. Lennon Publisher: HarperColl­ins, 213 pages, fiction TWEEN heroine Charlie C. is back in a sequel to The Confession­s Of A So-called Middle Child (2013). The adventures of Charlie and the gang – Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging – provide a peek into middle school (ie, lower secondary school), bullying and mean girls.

In this latest instalment, Charlie has to deal with her sudden celebrity status and auditions for a television series. But a little white lie might just jeopardise her relationsh­ips with her friends AND the handsome Bobby she’s been crushing on for forever. Will this funny middle child let fame get to her head? 365 Days Of Wonder Author: R.J. Palacio Publisher: Corgi Books, 431 pages, fiction IN The New York Times bestsellin­g novel Wonder (2012), we were introduced not only to protagonis­t Auggie Pullman, the boy with the strange face, but also to Auggie’s heart-warming English teacher Mr Browne and his love of precepts (or, basically, words to live by).

This latest addition to the Wonder world comprises a collection of quotes and words of wisdom, one for every day of the year. The quotes run the gamut from funny and thoughtful to inspiring words celebratin­g kindness, hope, the good in humanity, and the strength of people’s hearts. Quotes from characters in Wonder are featured in this book as well as those from famous personalit­ies ranging from Roald Dahl and John Lennon, to Popeye and Anne Frank. summer they shared in the Brookline museum.

They want to move on – but someone wants to keep the terror alive and is sending the scared teenagers photos of a spookylook­ing olden-day carnival. When Dan receives coordinate­s to an area in the town near Brookline, the trio decides the only way to end the nightmare is to return to New Hampshire College. There they discover that the travelling carnival in the photos is not just real – it’s right there on campus, having returned for the first time in years, hiding dark secrets of its own. Like the first book, this one is also illustrate­d with real vintage photos.

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