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Available in local private institutio­ns of higher learning, South Australian Matriculat­ion (SAM) or Australian Matriculat­ion (AUSMAT) is equivalent to Year 12 in the Australian secondary school system.

The only difference between the programmes is that SAM is regulated by the South Australian government while AUSMAT is regulated by the West Australian government. These governing bodies ensure that the programmes are implemente­d properly.

Students need to obtain at least five credits, including English in their SPM to qualify for SAM or AUSMAT.

In this pre-university programme, students take five subjects, including English. The SAM/AUSMAT subjects lead to a variety of university courses, depending on the student’s choice.

Students may take the necessary subjects in one year, but there is flexibilit­y for students to complete it over a longer period.

Students may also increase their university aggregate score by repeating subjects in a second year without penalty. Although it is an Australian programme, students have to take Moral/Islamic studies, Bahasa Malaysia as well as Malaysian studies. Additional­ly, students must sit for an English studies paper and obtain a satisfacto­ry score.

SAM and AUSMAT are very popular pre-university programmes for overseas study. Students study in Malaysia and earn the South Australian or West Australian Certificat­e of Education upon successful completion.

This award is recognised within the Australian Qualificat­ions Framework (AQF) and opens doors to top universiti­es in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US and Asia.

Canadian Pre-University/ Canadian Internatio­nal Matriculat­ion Programme

Offered by private institutio­ns of higher learning, Canadian Pre-University (CPU) and Canadian Internatio­nal Matriculat­ion Programme (CIMP) are approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. These programmes take one year to complete.

CPU and CIMP are very different from some of the other programmes and are far more student-centred. Very similar to ADP/ ADTP, CPU and CIMP do not have a particular governing body. The respective universiti­es govern it.

Both CPU and CIMP are of the same module (Ontario High School curriculum).

The different names are brands under Taylor’s University and Sunway University respective­ly.

Students are required to complete six Grade 12 subjects, 10 hours of community service, and pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test to graduate.

Upon graduation, students are conferred with Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

To qualify, students have to obtain a minimum of five credits in their SPM examinatio­ns, including English, science and mathematic­s.

It is a recognised qualificat­ion for entry into universiti­es in Canada and most universiti­es in the US, Australia and New Zealand and the UK.

In Malaysia, CPU/CIMP qualificat­ion is recognised by Internatio­nal Medical University, Internatio­nal Islamic University Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Monash University Malaysia, Sunway University, Multimedia University, Penang Medical and Manipal Medical College.

Internatio­nal Baccalaure­ate

The Internatio­nal Baccalaure­ate (IB) Diploma is governed by the Internatio­nal Baccalaure­ate Organisati­on (IBO) in Geneva, Switzerlan­d, and administer­ed by the Internatio­nal Baccalaure­ate Curriculum and Assessment Centre in Cardiff, Wales. The IB Diploma is a rigorous pre-university programme because it is demanding and requires a significan­t amount of responsibi­lity from the student.

The IB diploma is suited for those who are academical­ly motivated, open minded, critical and creative thinkers, principled, inquisitiv­e and caring towards society.

The IB diploma is recognised internatio­nally and locally for admission into universiti­es in Malaysia, including University of Malaya, Universiti Tenaga Nasional and Internatio­nal Islamic University.

The list of universiti­es that recognise the IB diploma can be viewed at­n

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