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World Cup Russia 2018 LIVE

TV1, 9pm

Brazil v Mexico – The group matches are over and now we’re in Round 16. Will underdog team Mexico be able to pull an upset win over five-time World Cup winner Brazil?

Ali Baba Bujang Lapuk

TV2, Astro Ch 102/unifi TV Ch 102, 9.30pm

Ali Baba is living a hard life as a jobless man. So he often sends his wife Aloyah to ask for flour and other food items from his wealthy brother Kassim Baba. One day, his brother decides to no longer help him. So Ali Baba has to go to the jungle and hopefully, find some firewood to sell. He stumbles upon a group of robbers hiding their loot in a secret cave. What will Ali Baba do with this discovery? This classic Malay film stars P. Ramlee, Sarimah and Aziz Satar.

Ayah Tak Pernah Kalah

TV9, Astro Ch 119/unifi TV Ch 109, 8.30pm

This telemovie tells the story of Badrul, a father who would do anything for his three children. What happens when dad ends up on the wrong side of the law? Starring Fauzi Nawawi, Lisdawati and Ruhainies.

Up! Pretty

Lifetime, Astro Ch 709, 9.30pm

Here’s a fun show that focuses on exploring the best in beauty tips and tricks. Hosts Han Sunhwa and Cao Lu will be joined by popular beauty YouTubers as well as celebritie­s and industry profession­als. If you want to know the difference between serum and essence, then this is the show for you.

Fists Of Legend

tvN Movie, Astro Ch 435, 10pm

All it takes is one bad day to derail Deok-kyu’s Olympic dreams. It gets worst when Deok-kyu and his best friends end up in jail because of a misunderst­anding. After he gets out of jail, Deokkyu spends his time running a noodle shop. One day, he gets an offer to join a reality show where he will compete in mixed martial arts against former fighters. The offer led him to reunite with some old friends from prison. How will Deok-kyu fare in the competitio­n? This Korean sports drama stars Hwang Jung-min, Yoo Jun-sang and Yoon Je-moon.

Dad For Rent

Red by HBO, unifi TV Ch 221, 10.05pm

What is a lazy father good for? Tae-man is an unemployed man and he relies on his wife to support the family. His young daughter is fed-up by his unwillingn­ess to change for the better. So she puts up an ad on a website stating that her father is up for rent. Somehow, that led Tae-man on a journey of self-discovery. Starring Kim Sangkyung, Moon Jeong-hee and Choi Da-in.


Cinemax, Astro Ch 412, 11pm

Before Chris Evans became Captain America, he was uhh, Ryan, a college student who gets a phone call from a stranger asking to be rescued. With very little clues, Ryan must figure out how to get to the stranger before it’s too late. This 2004 action crime thriller also stars Kim Basinger and Jason Statham.

Inai Yang Hilang

ntv7, Astro Ch 107/unifi TV Ch 107, 8.30pm Episode 6 – Razif is heartbroke­n when his bride-tobe Sara does not show up on the day of their solemnisat­ion ceremony. Then someone tells him that Sara may have been abducted by her former lover Wan Jamil. As Razif goes on a frantic search for Sara, he discovers that his loved ones are hiding a devastatin­g secret from him. This drama stars Aishah Azman, Ben Amir and Kaka Azraff.

Life In Pieces S3

FoxLife, Astro Ch 711/HD Ch 722, 9pm

Goose Friends Auction Fog – In this episode, Jen gets the chance to sing in Tyler’s band. Somehow, she ends up creating an awkward situation for her husband. Then John and Greg decide to start brewing beer together. What could possibly go wrong? This comedy stars Colin Hanks, James Brolin and Dianne Wiest.

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