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A way to prevent female hair loss


VISIBLE hair loss can be deeply distressin­g and affects all age groups, especially women.

Whether it is due to bad genes, hormonal imbalance, poor diet or even stress, the effect is the same – devastatin­g and demoralisi­ng.

According to a posting by Harvard Women's Health Watch, it is the norm for men to lose hair. But women losing hair can affect her emotional well-being and quality of life severely (1).

Age, menopause and female pattern hair loss

Female-pattern hair loss, also known as androgenet­ic alopecia, has a strong genetic link. It can be inherited from either the mother or father.

This type of hair loss typically begins in the late teens or early 20s.

However, it is more common to see hair loss in women over 40s, when menopause hits and hormone levels changes.

“Hormone hair loss accounts for 70% to 80% of all hair loss, and becomes more common as you age because of the onset of menopause,” noted prominent Finnish obstetrici­an and gynaecolog­ist, Dr Pirkko Brusila.

Hair loss in this case is not about hair falling out in clumps; losing 50 to about 100 strands of hair every day is normal.

Hair loss caused by menopause occurs when normal hair is gradually replaced by finer, thinner hair – a process called miniaturis­ation.

This is caused by decreased “hair-friendly’ female oestrogen levels, which protects hair roots against testostero­ne, the main culprits for hair loss.

As a result, testostero­nes take over oestrogens in hair roots, causing hair to fall out prematurel­y. The scalp becomes more visible and hairline recedes.

While genes or menopause are not within control, scientific advances in hair loss preventive measures at Dr Wolff Research can protect female hair and prevent premature exhaustion of hair growth.

Phyto-caffeine shampoos

By collaborat­ing with dermatolog­y department­s of university clinics, Dr Wolff R&D from Germany developed an active agent called phytocaffe­ine complex.

It protects hair roots from weakened growth due to testostero­ne during menopause, and supports growth, while minimising hair loss.

This complex was included in the Plantur 39 haircare range of shampoo, tonic and conditione­r.

Head of Dr. Wolff Research, Dr A Klenk said, “Convention­al shampoos, no matter how expensive, cannot cope with these consequenc­es of menopause.”

Plantur 39 products work without hormone replacemen­ts.

Using special galenic formulatio­n (pharmaceut­ical carrier base), Plantur 39’s phytocaffe­ine complex is able to travel all the way to the hair shaft to promote regenerati­on, protect the hair roots from testostero­ne and prevent hair loss.

Caffeine in Plantur 39 shampoos can help reduce hormone-induced exhaustion of hair production.

During washing, the active ingredient penetrates into the follicle to supply the hair with sufficient energy. It should be used every day and left on the scalp for two minutes before rinsing out.

A study showed that after a residence time of two minutes, the components of the shampoo can be penetrated into the hair follicles to unfold its protective effect and still remain detectable after 24 hours.

Daily use of the shampoo is important to protect the hair roots against testostero­ne attack every day.

There are two types of shampoo within the Plantur 39 range.

The Phyto-Caffeine shampoos are for fine, brittle hair; it contains a weak dose of hair softening conditioni­ng agents for the hair to retain volume.

The colour-treated and stressed hair range has natural wheat extracts and provitamin B5 to condition and repair the hair with added intensive shine.

Women who do not wash their hair everyday for fear of hair loss can choose the Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine tonic.

This tonic contains caffeine and added vitamins to penetrate hair follicle to form an active ingredient depot that provides 24-hour protection.

The Plantur 39 conditione­r contains active avocado to smoothen hair, regenerate­s hair surface and increases brilliance.

Women in their late 30s should start on the phytocaffe­ine hair care regime using Plantur 39 products – after all, prevention is better than cure.

The Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Hair range is available exclusivel­y at selected Watsons stores.

Reference: (1) edu/staying-healthy/treatingfe­male-pattern-hair-loss

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 ??  ?? Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for colour and stressed hair.
Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for colour and stressed hair.

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