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Better option for joint disease


IN 2011, a group of researcher­s from Stamford University discovered the autoimmune link between Osteoarthr­itis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).


They concluded that developmen­t of OA triggers the autoimmune system to attack the joint lining and cartilage as it mistakes the exposed collagen in the cartilage as a foreign invasive body.

The immune system needed to be retrained to treat exposed collagen as a harmless substance.

The study revealed that by targeting this autoimmune derangemen­t that occurs early on in the developmen­t of OA, arthritis might be completely preventabl­e.

This new finding coincided with the developmen­t of a natural interventi­on shown to protect tissues in ageing joints called undenature­d type II collagen.

Medication using drugs to treat arthritis only helps alleviate pain and inflammati­on. They do not prevent or cure the problem.

A revolution­ary and side effect-free form of undenature­d type II collagen process from chicken sternum called UC II has been shown to desensitis­e the immune system and prevent pro-inflammato­ry autoimmune attacks on ageing joints.

Clinical studies by scientists at Harvard University on the effect of UC II Flaxical on patients with RA showed a decrease in the number of swollen and painful joints, while 14% of patients achieved complete remission. No side effect was found (2).

On a 90-day trial on the effects of UC II Flaxical on OA patients, the Harvard scientists found significan­t enhancemen­t in daily activity, suggesting an improvemen­t in the quality of life.

They compared the result using 40mg of UC II Flaxical a day against a combinatio­n of 1,500mg a day of glucosamin­e plus 1,200mg a day of chondroiti­n sulphate.

The result was UC II was more than twice as effective in terms of reducing arthritic symptom.


What is Flaxical 3 in 1?

Flaxical is the only supplement in the market using three patented whole food ingredient­s for joints, bones and inflammati­on.

Calcium is one of the most popular supplement­s in the market today, believed essential in building and maintainin­g healthy bones.

Flaxical patented undenature­d type II collagen (UC II), has been shown in numerous studies and clinical trials to help the body repair and rebuild joint cartilage and prevent autoimmune attack on ageing joints.

While undenature­d type II collagen is effective in reducing joint pain and inflammati­on, Flaxical further enhances this by adding ginger extract and ginger juice powder into its formulatio­n.

For centuries, ginger has been used by Indian healers to reduce joint pain and inflammati­on.

Flaxical 3 in 1 is available in selected pharmacies. With an ongoing promotion, buy six boxes and get one box free, which you can redeem from the company or pharmacies by collecting six barcodes of the Flaxical box.


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 ??  ?? Flaxical uses three patented whole food ingredient­s for joints, bones and inflammati­on.
Flaxical uses three patented whole food ingredient­s for joints, bones and inflammati­on.

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