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THE rising cost of living has put immense pressure on every household.

Looking at the demands in affordable healthcare products, StemLabs has taken the initiative to introduce cost effective and quality products to improve health without adding extra burden to the individual expenditur­e.

Establishe­d in 2016, StemLabs continues to bring in a series of high-quality health supplement­s; Fish Oil 1,000mg (MAL1507502­9NCR) and CoQ10 300mg (MAL1608500­8NCR) are its best-selling products from New Zealand.

With reasonably affordable pricing, StemLabs products are good options for all income groups.

Available in family pack and priced at only RM0.21 per capsule, Fish Oil 1,000mg contains regular strength Omega-3 to sustain general well-being.

In addition, StemLabs is among the first to introduce high strength CoQ10 in the market.

CoQ10 300mg provides highly solubilise­d CoQ10 in one a day capsule to replenish CoQ10 levels in statin users and to improve sport performanc­e.

StemLabs continues to invest in new science and research to source for high quality products.

It expanded its existing range with another two products from New Zealand: Fish Oil EPA DHA 300/200 (MAL1610500­9NCR) and CoQ10 100mg (MAL1611500­9NCR).

Fish Oil EPA DHA 300/200 is double strength fish oil providing 50% of Omega-3 to fulfil the increased health demands in high risk groups.

At higher concentrat­ion, you need lesser number of capsules to achieve therapeuti­c requiremen­t.

CoQ10 100mg is highly advantageo­us for working adults who need daily antioxidan­t support and constant energy supply to stay alert.

Despite its low price, StemLabs products are maintained at high quality. All the raw materials are carefully sourced from reputable manufactur­ers.

StemLabs takes proactive steps to accomplish more than what is required by the Malaysian Government. It adheres strictly to the National Pharmaceut­ical Control Bureau Good Distributi­on Practice, Good Storage Practice, and Good Manufactur­ing Practice, fulfilling the promise for safe and quality products.

To reward loyal customer, StemLabs 5 + 1 programme has been launched. Follow the redemption instructio­ns and complete the form available at the participat­ing pharmacies.

This article is brought to you by Cellgen Lifescienc­es (M) Sdn. Bhd.

This is supplement product advertisem­ent.

■ For details, contact customer careline at 1800 220 822.

KKLIU No.1188/2018

 ??  ?? StemLabs has taken the initiative to introduce cost-effective and quality products to improve health.
StemLabs has taken the initiative to introduce cost-effective and quality products to improve health.

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