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Natural help for chronic inflammati­on


INFLAMMATI­ON is an in-built body defence mechanism that is a response to damage. When inflammati­on becomes persistent, it can result in long-term inflammati­on, also known as chronic inflammati­on.

Chronic inflammati­on is universall­y associated with modern diseases of affluence and extended lifespan such as diabetes, cardiovasc­ular and neurodegen­erative diseases, also known as non-communicab­le diseases (NCDs), and cancer.

Despite vast improvemen­ts in the healthcare system and advancemen­t of the social economy status of people, the role of medicine is limited to only relieving symptoms of NCDs. In addition, such drugs are often very expensive and can produce numerous adverse effects. Something safe, inexpensiv­e, effective and natural for the prevention and treatment of human diseases is needed.

Turmeric is one such spice that has been used widely in India for both culinary and healing purposes in Ayurvedic medicine.

The compound in turmeric that helps in its healing properties is called curcumin. Many studies have shown that curcumin has positive effects on patients with various inflammato­ry diseases.

The countless therapeuti­c benefits of curcumin are due to its strong antioxidan­t and anti-inflammato­ry effects. Evidence shows curcumin works as a master switch to switch off the body’s multiple inflammati­on mechanisms that cascade throughout the body from the activation of an inflammato­ry factor called NF-kB (Nuclear factor kappa B). By switching off the action of NF-kB, the body’s unwanted inflammati­on process will be reduced, minimising damages on cells, tissues and organs.

Many human-clinical type of research have used an extremely high dosage of curcumin, as high as 100 teaspoons (estimated to contain 1.5g of turmeric with 3% curcumin per teaspoon) a day of pure turmeric powder to treat different ailments as curcumin’s absorption into the body is poor and therefore, a high dose is needed to see results. Such a huge amount of daily consumptio­n is beyond reasonable for most people, especially long-term.

Theravalue­s Corporatio­n, a Japanese company, has developed an innovative curcumin formulatio­n called Theracurmi­n that enhances the absorption of curcumin by 2800%. Theracurmi­n is made from ultrafine granulatio­n and suspension technology, converting turmeric powder into submicron particles called nano-molecular curcumin. It can be rapidly absorbed within an hour and retained as long as 24 hours in the body, allowing the body to obtain fast and longer protection against inflammati­on,.

Less for more

Taking a low dosage of 600mg of Theracurmi­n that provides more curcumin than 100 teaspoons of turmeric powder is the most convenient and effective way to achieve the desired results. It is important to take sufficient curcumin daily to protect ourselves from NCDs.

With the Japanese patented technology, Theracurmi­n is able to stay in the body for up to 24 hours to find chronic inflammati­on and help prevent modern diseases.

Theracurmi­n is one of the most comprehens­ive clinical research of curcumin powder in the market. It is now available in capsule for easy consumptio­n. Its efficiency is scientific­ally proven. With its extensive trials, it is said to be the most human trialed turmeric powder in the world.

Always choose the right turmeric, such as Theracurmi­n that has high absorption and bioavailab­ility, with strong medical research to support its usage in keeping NCDs at bay and maintainin­g your health at peak.

This health informatio­n is brought to you by the panel pharmacist­s of Cambert (M) Sdn Bhd.

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 ??  ?? The compound in turmeric that helps in its healing properties is called curcumin.
The compound in turmeric that helps in its healing properties is called curcumin.

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