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Reimaginin­g the modern classroom


TECHNOLOGY is everywhere.

It is entwined with almost every part of our lives. If used correctly, technology can be important for teaching and learning in schools.

At Sunway Internatio­nal School (SIS), technology forms a bridge between teachers and students, allowing both parties to bond over a common platform.

When used as an educationa­l tool, technology can create endless possibilit­ies in learning, research and discussion.

The proliferat­ion of technology and social media in the modern way of life has enhanced the way SIS teachers teach, increasing productivi­ty, convenienc­e and relevance, and creating a richer learning environmen­t.

Incorporat­ing hi-tech experience­s in classrooms has brought about progressiv­e benefits for teachers and students at SIS.

Students find that they can relate to the usage of technology in lessons, which leads to better understand­ing and informatio­n absorption. At the same time, teachers provide meaningful, updated experience­s that make more sense to students and call upon their innovative­ness, awareness and critical thinking.

As students learn to be increasing­ly tech-savvy, they become more engaged and empowered as their technology literacy improves.

In presentati­ons, assignment­s or collaborat­ive work, SIS students are eager to explore new features and test various skills as they become adept at operating software. They are curious and courageous when it comes to picking up new technology – qualities that aid them in understand­ing lessons and consolidat­ing new material.

In addition, SIS teachers note a marked increase in students’ accountabi­lity once they have adopted technology as part of their work.

Gone are the days when students study with paper and pencil for two hours every evening. Technology allows students to enjoy a collaborat­ive work environmen­t in real time with peers and teachers not only in class, but at home as well.

Teachers observed major improvemen­ts in student productivi­ty, which is measured through creativity, quality and timeliness of assignment submission.

Lessons are never dull at SIS – not with the high degree of interactio­n and personalis­ed attention. Students participat­e in diverse activities and exercises such as stimulatin­g debates, roleplayin­g and independen­t research that are designed to enhance and facilitate their understand­ing of concepts and theories.

SIS teachers apply the Ontario Education Ministry’s best practices to assess a student’s individual capability and subsequent­ly design lesson plans that support their strengths and potential.

Teachers work closely with students by coaching, tutoring and mentoring them. Their classroom practices are guided and informed by internatio­nal standards. This translates to a highly interactiv­e environmen­t where critical thinking, social responsibi­lity and experienti­al reflection are emphasised in everyday life.

SIS teachers foster an open, communicat­ive atmosphere that empowers students’ accountabi­lity over their academic performanc­es, which helps each student work towards developing their full potential by nurturing their unique aptitudes and creativity.

Students appreciate that teachers practise a holistic approach to education, enabling students to examine different routes to success based on their individual strengths. The interactiv­e learning approaches employed encourage students to be inquisitiv­e and independen­t lifelong learners and, above all, experience an engaging and enjoyable time in the classroom.

SIS complement­s all spaces within the school with wireless Internet access for students to work on their laptops and electronic tablets, while each of its 29 classrooms and five laboratori­es houses an interactiv­e whiteboard to run multimedia programs.

SIS’ upcoming intake is scheduled for July 16.

For more informatio­n, call 03-7491 8070/07-533 8070 or visit

 ??  ?? SIS ensures that students are aware of how to use technology for learning by incorporat­ing hi-tech tools into lessons.
SIS ensures that students are aware of how to use technology for learning by incorporat­ing hi-tech tools into lessons.

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