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Keeping up your energy


ARE you too tired to take in an afternoon lecture? Do you find yourself exhausted and collapsing into bed at the end of the day?

If every day is a struggle, then check out these tips and put some energy back into your day.

Work your body

Being physically fit means that your body can stream oxygen and nutrients to your brain – the less fit you are, the less efficient your body-brain system will be.

Make time every day for a brisk 15-minute walk or do something fun at least thrice a week such as tennis or paintball.

Understand your brain on sugar

Our brains run on glucose, but our bodies cannot store it. If you do not eat often enough, your glucose or blood sugar levels drop and your brain functions less efficientl­y. But if you overeat, the body cannot cope and the excess sugar is stored as fat.

The trick to keeping your brain fuelled is to make sure you have a constant flow of blood sugar.

Eat four or five small meals throughout the day and one big meal. Watch your mouth

Junk and processed food are loaded with saturated fat, salt and sugar that bloat your body and are low in the vitamins and micronutri­ents you need for good brain function.

Buy a bag of mixed salad leaves, add some chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicum, toss in a splash of low-fat salad dressing and eat up. Follow with fresh fruits. Do this twice a day.

 ??  ?? Eat often and eat well to keep your energy levels up.
Eat often and eat well to keep your energy levels up.

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