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- ■ Call MMMC’s admissions unit at 06-289 6662 (extensions 1005/1020/ 1032/1035/1142) for details.

WIDELY recognised as one of the top medical schools and a source of highly proficient medical profession­als, Melaka-Manipal Medical College (MMMC) has been entrenched in Malaysia for over two decades.

MMMC’s reputation has spread all over the globe with many of its alumni practising all over the world including the USA, UK and Australia. Its reputation stems from its academic delivery, with handson immersion through its medicine and dentistry programmes, giving rise to a showcase of awards and accolades.

MMMC’s medical (MBBS) and dentistry programmes make unique study experience­s by integratin­g science and clinical experience with in-depth study and independen­t research. Students combine classroom learning with hands-on training in anatomy and other labs.

These programmes emphasise on an integrativ­e approach to healing, with students learning how mental well-being affects physical health.

MMMC students are also given the opportunit­y to carry out research, with some being published.

MMMC started with its MBBS programme in 1997, followed by the popular Dental Surgery (BDS) in 2009. Its Foundation in Science (FIS) inculcates SPM leavers with basic knowledge in medical and dental subjects before they enter their choice of degree studies.

MMMC offers scholarshi­ps to FIS students who completed their SPM in 2017; even students with 5As will be able to obtain some monetary assistance as long as statutory entry requiremen­ts are met.

MBBS students can apply for a PTPTN loan of RM150,000, which goes a long way towards helping parents in getting their children through medical school. BDS applicants may also apply for PTPTN loans.

MMMC’s hallmark in academic excellence and its accomplish­ed record in providing quality medical and dental education show its commitment to provide a curriculum that offers diverse learning opportunit­ies.

The dedication to excellence is “inspired by life” – which is its motto – tempered with ethical service to the nation and humanity.

Online applicatio­n can now be submitted for the July 2018 (FIS) and October (degree) intakes via

Or visit the Melaka campus and be convinced of its commitment to high quality education.

MMMC’s reputation has spread all over the globe with many of its alumni practising all over the world.

 ??  ?? Aiming high at MMMC, at work and at play.
Aiming high at MMMC, at work and at play.

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