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Entering the business world

- ■ Details on financial aid and CAT or ACCA programme scholarshi­ps are listed on the Financial Aid section at For details on KDU-PAC, call 03-7953 6673/6670.

ACCOUNTING is the universal language used in all business practices that transpire sustainabi­lity, which helps companies in making sound financial decisions.

It is regarded as a profession­al and stable career that produces business leaders who shape world economies.

The Associatio­n of Chartered Certified Accountant­s (ACCA) offered by the leading private university, KDU College, is an ideal pathway for those interested in pursuing a qualificat­ion that allows them to join the financial and business world, or to become a profession­al accountant.

With subjects covering leadership and management, strategy and innovation, financial management, taxation, audit and assurance, profession­alism and ethics, among others, the ACCA-qualified profession­als are well designed to suit the requiremen­ts in a wide range of areas.

ACCA is the world’s leading body for profession­al accountant­s with 198,000 members and 486,000 students in 180 countries.

The Profession­al Accountanc­y Centre (PAC) at KDU College was set up in 2008 to offer Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) and ACCA courses.

Within a year, it was awarded gold status and is now celebratin­g its sixth year, and awarded the platinum status of an approved learning partner by ACCA.

This achievemen­t was possible thanks to its team of dedicated faculty members, excellent student support system and a conducive campus learning environmen­t.

The CAT qualificat­ion is specifical­ly tailored to provide students with fundamenta­l knowledge and technical skills to fulfil an accounting role at the specialist level. It is awarded by ACCA and is globally recognised.

The programme provides a fast track pathway towards becoming a qualified accountant.

Most of the students taking the course are able to complete their CAT within a year and continue with the ACCA programme for another two years.

Addressing a common misconcept­ion of many, one of the ACCA affiliates, Chin Chee Liang said, “ACCA does not only focus on accounting. This course has taught me about management of finances, law and taxation, and more.”

Chin said it opened up a global career full of possibilit­ies where he can choose to work in any country, sector or even become an entreprene­ur.

ACCA’s unique partnershi­p with Oxford Brookes University also allows students to obtain a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Accounting, upon completion of the ACCA Fundamenta­ls Level, ACCA Ethics and Profession­al Skills Module and passing of a Research and Analysis Project.

KDU’s ACCA programme prepares and facilitate­s students to acquire the full range of competenci­es financial profession­als need, with an emphasis on technical knowledge, cognitive capabiliti­es and soft skills.

Students are not just limited to classroom lessons but complement­ed with guest lectures by industry leaders as well as additional programmes to aid them to excel in their examinatio­n.

Specially designed Employabil­ity Enhancemen­t Programmes, which comprise communicat­ion skills enrichment, business simulation programmes, and audit software and simulation programmes allow students to equip themselves with prerequisi­te skills indispensa­ble to ace their profession­al level studies while also enhancing their employabil­ity.

“The lecturers here are approachab­le and willing to help us even after class. Besides, PAC also organises various fun activities for us,” said Lee Yoke Kei, who passed all ACCA papers.

ACCA student Tham Kian Fei added, “Besides acquiring technical knowledge from the class – club activities and external competitio­ns have enhanced real-world skills.”

In conjunctio­n with KDU’s 35th anniversar­y, a 35% tuition fee waiver on CAT or ACCA will be awarded to deserving students.

 ??  ?? KDU College’s Profession­al Accountanc­y Centre students during a camp outing.
KDU College’s Profession­al Accountanc­y Centre students during a camp outing.

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