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Free time put to good use


IN some countries, students take a gap year before going to university. This year allows them to see a bit of the world and grow up a little before moving on to tertiary education.

In theory, maturing before resuming their studies can help them get more out of their education.

In Malaysia, gap years aren’t common but there are principles from the gap year that can be applied to regular holiday time.

Instead of hanging about on the beach or at the mall, why not consider these typical gap year activities?


Getting out and about and away from your comfort zone can be a wonderful way to explore cultures and circumstan­ces you are not familiar with: like working at a refugee shelter. Or, you can use the experience to see if a certain sort of career will suit you: like volunteeri­ng at the zoo or animal shelter. Learn a language

There are many short courses available where you can study Japanese, French or any other language just for fun or to make your career options better.

For example, if you think you want to work in South America, learn Spanish. If you want to study medicine overseas, it may be useful to study Russian.

Travel and get a job

Go to the other side of the country, rent a room, and work in your cousin’s coffee shop or on your aunt’s farm.

It doesn’t matter what you do, just earning your own money, being independen­t and learning what it’s like to have a regular job will be enlighteni­ng.

And getting away from home, in a safe environmen­t with adults you can trust to keep an eye on you, will be a fun experience too.

 ??  ?? Use the experience of working in a zoo to see if a career related to animals will suit you.
Use the experience of working in a zoo to see if a career related to animals will suit you.

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