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Journey to recovery

Malaysian actress Joey Leong suffered second-degree burns on both her legs during a freak accident during the filming of Amazing Spring in Puchong, Selangor.

- By SETO KIT YAN entertainm­

MALAYSIAN actress Joey Leong is looking fresh-faced, bright-eyed and cheery despite being one of the casualties of an accidental fire during the filming of local lunar new year flick Amazing Spring.

The freak accident happened during the filming of the movie in Bandar Bukit Puchong in Selangor on Sept 17, resulting in serious burns affecting 31 cast members. Of the 31 injured, 90% are senior citizens, with the oldest over the age of 80.

The actress, who turned 24 this month, sustained 5% of second-degree burns on both her legs. She has started a journal documentin­g her journey to recovery with regular Instagram updates, and putting on a brave front in the days following her traumatic experience.

Her first post after the incident included a picture of her in a hospital bed, with a brief message telling concerned friends: “I am fine. Suffered burns on both legs. Will recover.”

One lightheart­ed post showed her heavily bandaged feet peeking out from under a tray bearing her spaghetti meal for the day with the message: “It’s my 7th airline meal on this hundred-hour flight to my desired final destinatio­n named ‘Recovery’.”

A much longer post of her cuddling a plushie read: “A pleasant mood is the best medicine for recuperati­on. In the past few days, I suddenly became a princess in a castle. I was never alone nor lonely.

“I didn’t feel scared because I had visitors almost every hour. Lots of friends and family members came by and they brought flowers, fruits, the doggie (plushie in the picture), and gifts full of energy, joy, blessings and love. Friends from abroad who could not come to visit have sent me messages of concern from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Britain and Europe to ensure my safety.

“A fire incident caused pain and injury, but it also made me realise the power of love. I have always been afraid of inconvenie­ncing others. But this time, I have to lie down and enjoy every moment of being pampered.

“Whether it is Mummy helping me clean my body, or Dad helping to clean my room, or a friend helping me get into a chair or get out of bed or having a chat with me.

“Every moment, my heart is filled with tears, and hope. This happiness, I will cherish. Thank you to you all.”

In her latest post on Instagram, she said thanks to everyone who paid her a visit and offered her strength and support.

“My room is filled with so much laughter and tears at all times. Even when I’m going through unbearable pain on my wounds, I find my inner peace. Because I’m loved.”

Other injured cast members admitted to the Sunway Medical Centre include Hong Kong martial arts actress Sharon Yeung Pan Pan, 59, and Malaysian actor Cedric Loo, 30.

The film’s director Nick Wong and executive producer Jack Lim had conducted a press conference following the incident on Sept 18 to deal with persisting rumours.

Lim was apologetic over the freak accident which he said happened despite having taken safety measures including having paramedics and firefighte­rs on location.

Wong said that 90% of the film had been shot prior to the unfortunat­e incident, and the production will make use of CGI to complete the film in time for release during lunar new year.

 ?? — Instagram ?? Leong takes to Instagram to thank her fans for their well wishes.
— Instagram Leong takes to Instagram to thank her fans for their well wishes.

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