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Mexican and vegan


SALA is the acronym for “salvar a los animales” (save the animals) and also means “living room” in Spanish. Sala is a Mexicanins­pired restaurant, but is also a place for vegans, vegetarian­s and people who care about the environmen­t to meet in a relaxed environmen­t.

Mexican food is not normally associated with vegetarian food – but somehow this concept works.

The owner


Hussein hopes he will attract more non-vegetarian­s and anyone looking to eat healthier dishes by reducing their meat intake. He started his journey due to health reasons, but has grown more conscious of sustainabi­lity issues. If we all reduce our meat intake a little, it would have a great impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the environmen­t.

For Fauzi, food must taste good, and he is always looking for ways to substitute meat protein products with interestin­g alternativ­es. He wants to ensure his food is affordable for everyone, so the menu is diverse and innovative.


A-G 03 A Galeria Hartamas

No 21, 26A/70A Desa Sri Hartamas Kuala Lumpur

To win RM200 vouchers for Sala, e-mail the correct answer to the following question to A winner will be randomly selected.

Meat eating is responsibl­e for what percentage of greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere?




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