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Tips for seeking an internship


SOME courses demand that you gain some practical experience and an internship is a good way to do it. If you know you will need one, check out these tips.

Write a list of what you need to pass

For example, is it a fixed number of hours? Do you need a supervisor? What paperwork do you need from school?

What’s the scope?

Must you work in a specific industry or do you have some leeway? Is there an approved list of places or perhaps a blacklist?

Shortlist organisati­ons with a history of taking interns

These will have internal processes in place, so they will be easier to work with than firms that need to generate new systems.

Preparing your letter

Remember to list what you can do for the company and be corporate about it. If you have good marks, tell the company about it.

If you have any other experience that the company might like, mention that too.

Call, write and call again

Call the company to ask who you should deal with. Send in your applicatio­n. Wait two days and then call to make sure that the applicatio­n is being processed. Be polite and organised, as these are qualities companies love.

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