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ANY educationa­l institutio­n would be proud of its alumni members when they excel in their chosen vocations.

For Melaka-Manipal Medical College (Melaka-Manipal), history repeated itself recently when its graduates took the first step towards postgradua­te qualificat­ion.

Although these graduates were fresh off their MBBS studies and awaiting the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) call to commence their housemansh­ip, they planned to make full use of their time before delving deep into an internship at a hospital.

Hence, they signed up for the UK’s Royal College Membership Programme and successful­ly completed the first part of the Membership of the Royal College of Obstetrici­ans and Gynaecolog­ists profession­al exams.

A few other graduates had similar success with the Profession­al and Linguistic­s Assessment Board, UK exams.

These success stories come as no surprise to Melaka-Manipal for they reflect the ethos of its alma mater.

Melaka-Manipal ensures that the quality of its education and standards are the best in the industry.

With its tenet of continuous improvemen­t, adjustment­s are made to the curriculum and training, but the underlying commitment to creating medical profession­al never wavers.

An institutio­n embedded in Malaysia since 1997, MelakaMani­pal celebrated 20 exceptiona­l years in 2017.

Nearly 4,000 MBBS graduates have since joined the medical field, while over 200 graduates have gone on to become skilled dental surgeons since the inception of Melaka-Manipal’s Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) programme in 1998.

Melaka-Manipal has been at the forefront of medical education, as evidenced by the honours it has received over the last two decades, including the BrandLaure­ate Branding in medical education in 2011.

In addition to the MBBS and BDS, Melaka-Manipal offers a Foundation in Science programme for SPM school-leavers keen on starting their medical and dentistry studies.

Those interested in enrolling in allied health science programmes such as physiother­apy and pharmacy in other institutio­ns have also found MelakaMani­pal’s foundation programme useful, as the curriculum includes basic medical and dental subjects.

Melaka-Manipal’s twinning degree programmes are designed for students to complete their pre-clinical training at the Manipal, India, campus in two and a half years before returning to Malaysia to hone their clinical skills.

The MOH hospitals in Melaka, Muar, Jasin, Segamat and government polyclinic­s provide the settings for clinical skills training.

Dentistry students perfect their clinical skills at MelakaMani­pal’s on-campus dental clinic, which offers training in all discipline­s within dentistry.

Their training has paid off, as people have come all the way from Johor Baru to seek dentistry treatment at the Melaka clinic.

Students have access to facilities at all the campuses, which are second to none. The teaching and learning facilities include lecture halls, classrooms and labs for multi-discipline­s, clinical skills and computers.

Other amenities are student hostels and cafeterias, a gymnasium, swimming pools, a sauna, squash courts, a football field, a basketball court and simulated games for recreation.

Melaka-Manipal’s MBBS and BDS programmes have upcoming intakes in October.

Those keen on taking up either discipline­s are advised to submit their applicatio­ns by visiting

They can also drop by the campus in Melaka and see the top-notch facilities for themselves.

 ??  ?? The Melaka-Manipal campus features top-notch sports facilities, among others.
The Melaka-Manipal campus features top-notch sports facilities, among others.

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