How to kiss, cat-style

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CATS are very lov­ing but they don’t share our cul­ture – which means you have to think Kitty as you hug each other.

For small pets, dan­ger comes from above. There­fore, when you talk to your cat, have your eyes on the same level. It’s just like talk­ing to kids, re­ally. You hun­ker down, or sit on the floor, or in­vite your pet on to the sofa. If you can, lie down and have your cat stand on your chest.

Start by stroking your cat’s back and face. Avoid known tickly spots, and go for su­per pop­u­lar ar­eas like the cheek­bones and just un­der the ears.

As your pet purrs and is happy, you’re go­ing to get claws com­ing out. A towel be­tween the two of you should sort it out. And if a claw slips, know it’s not on pur­pose.

Your pet will prob­a­bly head­butt you. This is a sign of af­fec­tion, so if you get bashed, con­sider it a su­per com­pli­ment. Also, do a bit of Cat Speak by gen­tly head­but­ting back.

At this point you should get slow, blink­ing cat kisses and head­butts of love. Once your pet does it once, she will prob­a­bly start invit­ing you to do it more of­ten. For my Tar­get, kiss­ing time is ev­ery morn­ing and ev­ery evening, min­i­mum. He also de­mands kisses dur­ing the day. So be pre­pared to put time aside for love.

Do note that some kit­ties get so ex­cited and happy that they nip and bite. Get to know your pet. If she’s a rough-love cat, learn the signs and gen­tly dis­en­gage be­fore she goes over­board. If it’s fairly gen­tle, live with it and know that your pet is treat­ing you just like a cat – and be­ing in­vited to the tribe, that’s an hon­our!

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