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The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - Family - – By Lara Alisha Colin, 12

BUB­BLES the sea ot­ter was swim­ming hap­pily in the North Pa­cific Ocean when she no­ticed the keel of a fish­ing ves­sel. The ship dropped its large an­chor to the seabed with a heavy thud, a few me­tres from the tiny ot­ter.

Fright­ened by the size of the large metal chain and an­chor, Bub­bles hur­riedly dived into a clump of sea­weed.

As she hid be­tween the sea­weed, she no­ticed rub­bish com­pris­ing plas­tic, wood and metal, be­ing dis­carded into the water.

Cu­ri­ous, the ot­ter plucked up the courage to swim closer to the ship to find out what was hap­pen­ing.

She overheard the crew’s con­ver­sa­tion and their plans to pour toxic waste into the sea at mid­night.

Shocked, Bub­bles quickly dived back into the ocean to warn her friends about the dan­ger look­ing ahead.

Along the way, Bub­bles met her good friend, Co­ral the dol­phin, and quickly alerted her.

“That’s a cruel thing to do! It could kill us soon enough,” said Co­ral.

Bub­bles an­swered. “I need your help to stop th­ese ir­re­spon­si­ble peo­ple. We need to in­form the rest.”

The two friends raced back to their home at Co­ral Cove to alert their friends.

By night­fall, hun­dreds of sea crea­tures gath­ered be­neath the ship. Willy the grey whale and his broth­ers, Baleen and Fin, served as sea pa­trollers. They were on the look­out for other signs of dan­ger.

At mid­night, the crew mem­bers slowly re­leased toxic petro­chem­i­cals and ra­dioac­tive waste into the ocean. The tox­ins had a ter­ri­ble stench and were con­tam­i­nat­ing sev­eral parts of the sea.

This an­gered the sea crea­tures.

“Let’s teach them a les­son,” said Willy to Baleen and Fin. The whales swam un­der­neath the ship­ping ves­sel. With the help of the other sea crea­tures like sharks, dol­phins and tur­tles, they over­turned the boat. Clutch­ing onto the boat and their life jack­ets, the cap­sized crew mem­bers could only cry for help.

The next morn­ing, the crew mem­bers were ar­rested by the marine po­lice. They had to pay a fine sum of money for try­ing to pol­lute the sea.

The sea is also home to many sea crea­tures big and small. Let’s do our part to save the sea from pol­lu­tion.

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