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DO you know your choice of mat­tress has a di­rect im­pact on your health and safety? When pur­chas­ing a new mat­tress, we of­ten fo­cus on the ben­e­fits of the mat­tress and do not re­alise the side ef­fects of a bad mat­tress.

Since it is a place for us to sleep and give our body the proper rest it needs, it is im­por­tant that we choose the right mat­tress.

Sci­en­tific re­search has shown that Elec­tro-Mag­netic Field (EMF) pol­lu­tion af­fects sleep neg­a­tively.

With long pe­ri­ods of ex­po­sure to EMF ra­di­a­tion, ev­i­dence found sug­gests that it can be dan­ger­ous to our health as it acts as a threat to our im­mune sys­tem, caus­ing all kinds of health prob­lems such as headaches, stress and even can­cer, to name a few.

Sadly, EMF is found ev­ery­where in our en­vi­ron­ment and in­vis­i­ble to the naked eye. This is be­cause we live in a wire­less ra­di­a­tion so­ci­ety where Wi-Fi and elec­tronic gad­gets are com­mon in ev­ery house­hold.

When some­one is awake, our body has built an im­mune sys­tem that helps de­fend against EMF.

How­ever, when we are asleep, we are more vul­ner­a­ble to EMF ra­di­a­tion.

In our sleep, our body goes through a bi­o­log­i­cal re­gen­er­a­tion process where EMF ra­di­a­tion can con­tin­u­ously in­vade our bod­ies, lim­it­ing the hu­man DNA re­gen­er­a­tion ca­pac­ity. Hence, this af­fects the qual­ity of our sleep and our health.

To pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing, avoid pur­chas­ing or sleep­ing on metal-based mat­tresses – also known as spring mat­tresses as it emits high lev­els of EMF.

Met­als in the mat­tresses act as an an­tenna sys­tem which at­tracts and chan­nels a range of elec­tro­mag­netic en­ergy. This can also be proven at home by down­load­ing an EMF de­tec­tion ap­pli­ca­tion on your smart­phone.

Hold­ing it next to your spring mat­tress, it will in­di­cate the EMF score is higher than nor­mal.

Char­ac­ter­is­tics of these metal com­po­nents dis­turb the nat­u­ral mag­netic field of the Earth and are un­de­sir­able for the body’s nat­u­ral re­gen­er­a­tion process dur­ing sleep. By choos­ing a metal-free mat­tress, it min­imises EMF ex­po­sure to our body.

La­tex mat­tresses which have a long list of ben­e­fits for sleep are also 100% nat­u­ral and metal-free. Sleep­ing on a nat­u­ral la­tex mat­tress can repli­cate closely to a na­ture-like en­vi­ron­ment.

Getha’s lat­est in­no­va­tion – the Getha Com­pass Lux­ury mat­tress, fea­tures Bio­care Sleep Sys­tem ex­clu­sively for Getha. It is the first in Malaysia to pro­vide a so­lu­tion to the EMF prob­lem.

This rev­o­lu­tion­ary sleep so­lu­tion is to pro­mote wellness and qual­ity of life through bet­ter sleep. Getha Com­pass Lux­ury mat­tress is not only free of EMF.

Bio­care Tech­nol­ogy

The Bio­care Tech­nol­ogy also fea­tures a Nano Tech­no­log­i­cal Yarn fab­ric, act­ing as a mag­netic bar­rier against EMF ra­di­a­tion, pre­vent­ing any elec­tro­mag­netic en­ergy flow through the mat­tress and into our bod­ies. Through block­ing the non-ionised ra­di­a­tion that at­tacks and weak­ens our body cells, the Bio­care tech­nol­ogy pro­tects our sleep­ing en­vi­ron­ment.

With Getha Com­pass Lux­ury mat­tress, it as­sures a health­ier night’s sleep.

After many years of re­search by Boyteks En­gi­neers, who are ex­perts in pre­sent­ing the lat­est sleep so­lu­tions, Bio­care tech­nol­ogy was de­vel­oped.

Bio­care has been tested as a mag­netic bar­rier and blocks the con­tact of elec­tro­mag­netic waves with the body by 98.5% dur­ing sleep. This qual­ity as­sured mat­tress can also fur­ther pre­vent stress by re­duc­ing static elec­tric­ity in our body.

This helps to reg­u­late our body’s bio-rhythm and the face layer of the Bio­care con­sists of an­tibac­te­rial fea­tures to pre­vent dis­eases and odour caused by the bac­te­ria.

Sleep­ing on an EMF free mat­tress pro­vides you with the health­i­est choice of qual­ity sleep.

Not only will you be able to pro­tect your­selves bet­ter from ra­di­a­tion, you can also go about your day – liv­ing life to your fullest ca­pa­bil­i­ties.

■ For de­tails, look out for the ad­ver­tise­ment in this StarSpe­cial.

En­joy rest­ful sleep on Getha’s high-qual­ity mat­tress.

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