A Dis­cov­ery Of Witches

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MANY have likened the eight-episode Bri­tish se­ries A Dis­cov­ery Of Witches to the Twi­light movies, and it’s lit­tle won­der why.

Set in a univer­sity, the story be­gins with his­to­rian Diana (Teresa Palmer) dis­cov­er­ing an an­cient man­u­script which contains in­for­ma­tion that can wipe out the vam­pire pop­u­la­tion. Diana – who is a witch but has long de­nied that part of her life – is forced to de­fend and keep the book from fall­ing into the wrong hands.

A high-rank­ing witch per­suades Diana to help her own kind by giv­ing him the book. But his in­ten­tions seem more ne­far­i­ous than no­ble.

To com­pli­cate mat­ters, she meets a dash­ing bio­chem­istry pro­fes­sor Matthew (Matthew Goode) – who, you’ve guessed it, is a vam­pire. Diana de­tests Matthew at first but even­tu­ally the two start to fall for each other.

Matthew also takes an in­ter­est in the book but he seems more pure of heart. So who does she trust? Matthew? Or her own kind?

The ro­mance as­pect of the show is a big draw, what with Palmer and Goode’s pal­pa­ble chem­istry.

But the se­ries truly pulls you in with its char­ac­ters’ mys­te­ri­ous past, the fascinating world of these mag­i­cal crea­tures and the causes they are fight­ing for.

A Dis­cov­ery Of Witches airs ev­ery Thurs­day at 9pm on Foxlife (Astro Ch 711).

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