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Students shine at diploma graduation ceremony

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WHEN HELP University organised its inaugural convocatio­n for diploma students last year, it proved to be a momentous occasion for those who graduated as it adopted many of the traditions from the grand April convocatio­ns held annually at Shangri-la Hotel for undergradu­ate and postgradua­te students.

School-leavers can join these diploma programmes immediatel­y after graduation. HELP University offers diploma programmes in informatio­n technology, business, early childhood education, communicat­ion, business management and accounting.

These two-year diploma programmes are popular with many students, as they can either choose to join the workforce immediatel­y after completion, or continue their undergradu­ate studies at HELP.

HELP University’s Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology, and the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Accounting were awarded the Premier Digital Tech Uni (PDTU) status by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporatio­n (MDEC), which is a recognitio­n that HELP is one of Malaysia’s leading digital tech focused tertiary institutio­ns.

As part of its drive to become the Analytics-driven Entreprene­urial University and to prepare students for the future, HELP University’s Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology is focused on training students in Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IOT), and Software Developmen­t.

All HELP University students are also offered a free Certificat­e in Big Data and Business Analytics, creating the A*generation, the Analytics Generation.

Dr Sien Ven Yu, dean of the Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology, says, “We are particular­ly proud of receiving the PDTU status, which is a testimony of the strength and relevance of our IT programmes. Our Diploma in IT is a popular programme recognised by top internatio­nal universiti­es. Students can progress to the University of Queensland, University of Technology Sydney, Australian National University or Beijing Jiaotong University to complete their degrees.”

Prof Datuk Dr Paul Chan, vicechance­llor of HELP University, in his address at the inaugural convocatio­n said that in Malaysian higher education, diploma and foundation programmes offer school-leavers an innovative and challengin­g pathway to higher education. The pathway helps students mature under profession­al and academic guidance and mentoring so that they may excel at the tertiary level.

Thus, in celebratio­n of the achievemen­ts of its diploma students who continue to excel, the graduates with the highest grades were recognised for their achievemen­ts by being selected for the President’s Award, which entitled them to cash prizes.

It was indeed a proud moment for Denise Lim as she stood at the podium with tears in her eyes, the recipient of the HELP President’s Award for excellent grades, scoring a CGPA of 3.94 in her Diploma in Communicat­ion studies. She felt elated with the accolade.

During her speech, Denise shared, “I want to start with a short story about myself. I have never been a bright student; I was always talkative and outgoing, but never really bright. I was that kid in class who was slow and constantly in a blur. Because I knew I had a disability of being slow, I used it as an excuse in life. Whenever I did badly, I would blame it on my disability. It all stopped the day I got my UEC results as it was the day I faced failure. I was rejected by as many as 10 universiti­es. Fortunatel­y, HELP accepted me and even granted me financial aid throughout the first year of my Diploma in Communicat­ion.”

From a student who had only passed one subject at UEC level, Denise worked hard in her diploma studies, asked her lecturers questions and made sure her assignment­s were done well. It all paid off when she was chosen to be a recipient of the President’s Award.

Ong Dong Hong, who just completed the Diploma in Business programme with a 3.5 CGPA, hopes to join the Bachelor of Business programme in the upcoming March intake, majoring in marketing, finance and internatio­nal business.

Coming from a humble background, Ong confessed to having a poor command of English when he joined the diploma programme, but sheer ambition forced him to master the language.

“I had to cover a total of 22 subjects over two years and work very hard, but my desire to complete the programme well ensured my success,” says Ong.

As Ong was a state basketball player, he managed to secure a partial scholarshi­p for his Diploma in Business and during his studies, he worked at a small accommodat­ion business to partially fund himself.

Today, Ong has successful­ly completed his diploma and awaits entry into the HELP business degree programme. At the same time, Ong has developed his own online applicatio­n for property management and hopes, upon completion of his degree, to run his own property management business.

Malaysians and internatio­nal students who demonstrat­e academic excellence, sports excellence and display leadership qualities are entitled to apply for scholarshi­ps and bursaries. Terms and conditions apply.

 ??  ?? HELP Internatio­nal student Boris Chitombo (left) graduated with a Diploma in Informatio­n Technology and was immediatel­y offered a job as chief technology officer at Geoview Data Services Sdn Bhd, which specialise­s in customised software for the oil and gas industry.
HELP Internatio­nal student Boris Chitombo (left) graduated with a Diploma in Informatio­n Technology and was immediatel­y offered a job as chief technology officer at Geoview Data Services Sdn Bhd, which specialise­s in customised software for the oil and gas industry.

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