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Spotlight on oral cancer

- – Kenneth Chaw

WHAT is herd immunity and how does it relate to Covid19? Tune into 988 on March 1, 8am, as Dr Chee Hui Yee from the department of medical microbiolo­gy and parasitolo­gy at Universiti Putra Malaysia sheds light on the topic.

Then on March 3 at 8am, 988 aims to raise awareness on oral cancer. What are its symptoms and how can we prevent it? Learn more from guest speaker ENT specialist Dr Tang Mee Ling. You can also ask a question or share your experience via Facebook Live or the 988 app during the segment. Beginning March 1, 988 will be organising a contest where listeners can win a cash prize of RM300, simply by guessing the title of a song correctly.

Every day, the lyrics of a non-english-language song (for example, Mandarin or Korean) will be translated into English and read out to listeners.

To help you identify the song, clues will be given via the 988 app. If you think you know the song title, be sure to send your answer via Whatsapp to 012-555 0988.

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