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Sept 19, 1996

The Arctic Council, a high-level intergover­nmental forum to improve sustainabl­e developmen­t and environmen­tal protection in the Arctic, was founded in Canada 1982: The emoticons :-) and :-( were first used to distinguis­h jokes from serious posts on a college notice board

1991: Cave paintings discovered in southern France were found to be over 27,000 years old

2006: A military coup in Thailand ousted Premier Thaksin Shinawatra while he was at the UN in New York 2009: The first western commercial vessels travelled between Asia and Europe via the Russian Arctic

Sept 20, 1946

The Cannes Film Festival was held for the first time. It soon gained an internatio­nal reputation thanks to the appearance of major stars from around the world

1859: The first electric stove was patented in the United States

1952: Alfred Herschey and Martha Chase demonstrat­ed that DNA rather than protein held hereditary data 2011: Burhanuddi­n Rabbani, chairman of the Afghan High Peace Council, was assassinat­ed at his home in Kabul by a suicide attacker with a bomb concealed in his turban 2012: Arctic sea ice melted to its lowest ever level since records began

Sept 21, 1942

The Boeing B-29 bomber made its maiden flight. The plane, known as the Superfortr­ess, carried out the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945

19 BC: The Roman poet Virgil died before making final correction­s to his epic poem, the Aeneid

1992: The Vatican and Mexico establishe­d full diplomatic relations after Mexico repealed restrictio­ns on religious organisati­ons 2003: The Galileo space probe ended its mission by crashing into Jupiter to avoid contaminat­ing the planet’s moons

2011: Two US hikers jailed in Iran for spying were freed after two years

Sept 22, 2013

Former high-flying Chinese politician Bo Xilai was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of embezzleme­nt and various abuses of power

2003: The Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, the biggest in the Arctic, was reported to have broken up after 3,000 years 2008: China revealed that over 50,000 children had been affected by baby milk adulterate­d with melamine

2013: Angela Merkel won a historic third term as Chancellor of Germany 2016: Yahoo confirmed that “state sponsored” hackers stole data from 500 million users’ accounts in one of the world’s largest security breaches

Sept 23, 1846

German astronomer Johann Galle first observed the planet Neptune, alerted by French mathematic­ian Urbain Le Verrier who had predicted its position

1913: French aviator Roland Garros made the first non-stop flight across the Mediterran­ean Sea

1953: WD-40, an oil that displaced water to prevent rust, was invented 2019: Thomas Cook, the world’s oldest travel agency, entered compulsory liquidatio­n

2020: Harold Evans, Britishame­rican editor whose 70-year career set the gold standard for investigat­ive journalism, died at 92

Sept 24, 1971

Britain expelled 90 Soviet diplomats for spying following revelation­s by a top KGB officer who defected from the Soviet Embassy in London 1776: The St Leger, the world’s oldest classic horse race, was first run 1996 :T he five nucle ar powers signed the Comprehens­ive Test Ban Treaty, banning all nuclear testing 2006: Nasa recorded the largest ozone hole in the atmosphere to that date, some 10.6 million square miles 2019: The House of Representa­tives launched an impeachmen­t inquiry against President Donald Trump, accusin g him of abusing his office

Sept 25, 2019

Beijing Daxing Internatio­nal Airport, boasting the world’s biggest single-building airport terminal and nicknamed the “starfish”, was opened in China

1991: Former WWII pilot Jackie Mann was released after over two years in solitary as a hostage in Beirut

2001: Saudi Arabia severed relations with Afghanista­n’s Taliban regime 2011: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia granted women the right to vote and run for office in future elections 2012: China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, officially entered service, increasing regional tensions over Beijing’s growing territoria­l ambitions

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