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The Morning Show S2

after the explosive events at the end of Season One where morning talk show hosts alex (Jennifer aniston) and bradley (reese Witherspoo­n) exposed the wrongdoing­s of their boss and colleague, they are back but do they still have a job at the station? Season two will take a look at systemic racism, homophobia, ageism in the world of broadcasti­ng. (apple tv+)

Bangkok Breaking

In this six-episode thriller, Wanchai joins an emergency rescue service after arriving in bangkok. He then unravels a city-wide conspiracy with the help of a journalist. premieres Sept 23. (netflix)

Midnight Mass

after the arrival of a charismati­c priest, a small, isolated community begins to experience miraculous events ... as well as frightenin­g omens. Zach Gilford and Kate Siegel star in this seven-episode horror from the creator of The Haunting Of Hill House. premieres Sept 24. (netflix)


In this updated fairytale, singer Camila Cabello plays the titular character who dreams of being a fashion designer. Standing in her way are her stepmother, stepsister­s and an unexpected romance. this musical – featuring pop hits as well as original songs – also stars Idina menzel, billy porter and pierce brosnan. (amazon prime Video)

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Bangkok Breaking
The Morning Show Bangkok Breaking

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