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No vaxx, no job

- By CALLEN JAMES MARSH entertainm­

ACTRESS Rozita Che Wan (pic) says she will not work alongside those who has no intention of getting vaccinated.

According to Rozita, nicknamed Che Ta by her fans, everyone involved in filming should comply with the SOPS set by the government.

She shared with mstar, The Star’s Malaylangu­age portal, that people who don’t follow the SOPS are irresponsi­ble, not only to themselves but to others around them as well.

“We have to make sure everyone involved (in the shoot) gets a complete vaccinatio­n,” said Che Ta, who has her own film production company. The 48-year-old actress added her company will start filming soon and she has no intention of hiring those who haven’t completed their two doses of vaccinatio­n.

“We have to follow the rules that have been set. We do not want to risk the cast and crew’s health due to one person,” she added.

The actress also informed that the production licence would be withdrawn by National Film Developmen­t Corporatio­n Malaysia (Finas) if the production company violates the SOPS.

The Kiah Pekasam star also stressed that she would not take any unnecessar­y risks when it came to vaccinatio­ns as she worries for the safety of her three children. “We have to be fair, we have to be responsibl­e,” she said.

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Photo: The Star

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