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Sharifah aini and Siti end years of hostility


AFTER years of reportedly being at odds with each other, two diva Datuks – Sharifah Aini and Siti Nurhaliza – got together for a photograph­y session that became a media event on Wednesday.

Pictures of the two singing sensations at The Royale Chulan in smiling and buddy-buddy poses adorned the front pictures of the major Malay dailies and tabloids, with stories on the inside pages saying they have let bygones be bygones in the spirit of Ramadan.

The issue of the hostility between them stemmed from an e-mail six years ago that was attributed to Sharifah and purportedl­y damaged Siti’s reputation. Compiled by CHriSTiNa TaN, ZuLKiFLi aBd raHMaN,

and a. raMaN

It became a massive controvers­y that dragged fans of both singers into the fray through the Internet and resulted in a lecturer being charged in court for allegedly circulatin­g the hate mail.

However, on technical grounds, the case was later dropped.

Sharifah said she agreed to the meeting because she wanted the talk about her so-called hostility against Siti to end.

“Both Siti and I were victims of circumstan­ces. Siti is still the same nice person I first met,” she said.

Siti added: “Whatever had happened is past. I consider this meeting a blessing of Ramadan.

“I hope the unhealthy speculatio­n (about the friction between them) will end.”

The five-hour session saw the two exchanging friendly banter and updates on each other’s career and family life, with renewed confidence of strengthen­ing ties between them.

 ??  ?? Sharifah and Siti put difference­s aside in
Sharifah and Siti put difference­s aside in
 ??  ?? Let bygones be bygones: the spirit of Ramadan.
Let bygones be bygones: the spirit of Ramadan.
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