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Hex of a stomach ache for five cops


FIVE policemen apparently suffered stomach aches after the suspected mastermind of a motorcycle theft syndicate allegedly used santau (black magic) on them, Harian Metro reported.

The daily quoted one victim identified as Hafis, 23, who claimed that one of them suffered a bloated stomach.

He said that earlier, one policeman received a threatenin­g SMS that they would be hit by a needle and that death awaited them.

He claimed that the SMS came from a suspect in a motorcycle theft syndicate, whom they had arrested in May.

Hafis said they consulted a bomoh (traditiona­l medicine man) after doctors failed to diagnose the cause of their stomach aches and fever.

The bomoh told them the “mastermind” had used santau angin (wind curse) and santau katak puru (toad curse), which caused them to suffer from the ailments.

The bomoh also told them the mastermind had used nails, needles, hair and bones as the ingredient­s in the santau to poison his targets.

Hafis said the bomoh advised them to stop frequentin­g their favourite restaurant as the santau was targeted at them and the food they eat at the place.

> The daily also highlighte­d a report about singer Siti Sarah Raisuddin, who admitted that she had got engaged to comedian Shahmira Muhammad, popularly known as Shuib on Nov 26.

Siti Sarah, who had broken off her first engagement with New Zealand motorcycle racer Mohd Harith Fuad Robinson, had attempted to hide her engagement from the media.

Shahmira is a member of a comedy actors group called Sepah, which won the third season of the Astro’s reality comedy show Raja Lawak.

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