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THE communicat­ion field is diverse, and it comes as no surprise that graduates from this field are very versatile and are able to fit into different roles. KDU University College’s Academic Head of the Communicat­ion and Media Studies Department Benny Lim is a good example. he is an educator, a director, a producer and an actor.

Teaching has always been his passion – and he has always imagined standing in front of a class since he was seven. Prior to this current engagement in KDU, Lim has over five years of combined experience as an educator at tertiary level in Singapore.

Besides teaching, Lim also has a deep passion for theatre and directed his very first play when he was 15. Since then, he continued to produce and direct another 50 theatre events. Some of his notable directoria­l works include Existence and Bui Xuan Phai, which received rave reviews from the press. He acts sometimes (especially when he can’t cast the right person). His most recent theatre project was a monologue titled ‘ Diaspora’, staged recently at The Actors Studio at Lot 10.

As a man with many ideas and someone who is inspired to break the norm, Lim brought forth a host of ideas, projects and activities this year for the KDU Department of Communicat­ion and Media Studies.

“KDU Department of Communicat­ion and Media Studies is all about creating valuable experience for our students by being the trendsette­r. Besides providing quality education, we inspire and support our students to initiate projects, be it mini TV series, podcast, magazines, events and such,” he said.

Some of the projects carried out this year included CSR projects by KDU’S public relations students, media expos and also fun activities organized by Unicom, KDU’S mass communicat­ion club.

“Besides organising competitio­ns such as the Guitar Hero Challenge this year, Unicom also launched an online media portal, www.

It is a platform whereby students’ self-initiated works can be hosted such as their own online TV channel, online radio channel and online press company,”

“These projects and activities serve as a hands-on experienti­al learning for the students and will prepare them for what lies ahead in the communicat­ion industry,” he elaborated.

The department also appointed local celebrity, Lawrence Wong, as a friend and role model to inspire and build up its students’ repertoire and in so doing, build up the industry.

Wong needs no introducti­on to the Chinese entertainm­ent industry in both Malaysia and Singapore. His experience includes Singaporea­n television shows such as @Moulmein High, The Promise, Living With

Lydia 2, True Files and Life Story, as well as Malaysian Chinese TV dramas, such as NTV7’S Tribulatio­ns of Life and 8TV’S A Time to Embrace, just to name a few.

Lim said, “We find Wong to be the perfect role model for our students, as his vast experience in and extensive knowledge of the industry will be able to help enrich and enhance their studying experience. This stems from our ‘People Inspire People’ tagline, and we believe Lawrence will be able to inspire our students to achieve more than what they believe they can.”

The public thinks that the communicat­ion industry is all about fun. “That’s really a misconcept­ion. It’s not all fun and play. This industry is also extremely tiring.

One needs to be passionate, dedicated and really work very hard to achieve the end product. Of course, a career in the communicat­ion industry is also highly satisfying, especially when we see our own works being communicat­ed to the public,” Lim explained.

Having been in the industry in Singapore, he noted the difference between Malaysia and our neighbour. In his opinion, although Singapore is well known for excellent infrastruc­ture (the hardware), it is lacking in the developmen­t and training of people working in the industry and imports ready talents.

“Malaysia is the other way round. I think the country focuses on developing the human capital for this industry but lacks the necessary infrastruc­ture. Some areas are very well developed while some are still in the process of developing.

The local television, social media, film and animation sectors here are at their pioneering stage and therefore there are more opportunit­ies for youths who want to carve a career in these areas,” he said.

“This is why KDU will be offering a new diploma programme in the entertainm­ent arts, which will provide training in the entertainm­ent industry.”

This year, KDU also launched its very first Bachelor of Mass Communicat­ion programme with majors that include Corporate Communicat­ion, Advertisin­g Media Management, Journalism, Media Marketing and Visual Communicat­ion.

Students are able to undertake two majors, or a major and minor, under this degree programme.

The programme includes an internship component as well as a profession­al developmen­t module, where they are able to assess their personalit­y and career match and subsequent­ly, develop necessary soft skills to become marketable graduates.

On top of the KDU Bachelor of Communicat­ion (Hons) with five specialisa­tions, the KDU Department of Communicat­ion and Media also runs a Diploma in Mass Communicat­ion programme and the Murdoch (3+0) Bachelor of Communicat­ion programme with specialisa­tion in either Public Relations or Communicat­ion and Media.

Establishe­d in 1983, KDU University College aspires to grow in reputation and quality. The university college was awarded Silver for the Education & Learning category in the Putra Brand Awards for two consecutiv­e years. The education institutio­n is also building a new 21.7-acre campus in Glenmarie, set to be completed in 2014.

For more informatio­n on the programmes and activities happening in KDU University College PJ, call 03-77288123, 03 7953 6688, e-mail, or log on to their official website at www.kdu. or For KDU College Penang, call 042266368, e-mail, or log on to

 ??  ?? Wong’s (fourth from left) experience and knowledge of the media industry will be able to help enrich and enhance the students’ studying experience.
Wong’s (fourth from left) experience and knowledge of the media industry will be able to help enrich and enhance the students’ studying experience.

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