A way to solve pig waste is­sue

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I RE­FER to the news re­port, “Seafood ‘gone to the pigs’” (Sept 15, The Star) in which it was re­ported that ma­rine bi­ol­o­gists warn that be­cause the beach of Ger­tak Sang­gul is a shel­tered bay, ex­treme bac­te­rial blooms can in­fect Ger­tak Sang­gul’s seafood with harm­ful pathogens from sal­mo­nella bac­te­ria to E coli and even Hepati­tis A virus.

When I was in the Vet­eri­nary Ser­vices De­part­ment, we found a high level of cop­per in pig waste, which can cause cop­per tox­i­c­ity. The high level of cop­per is due to the cop­per con­tent in the an­thelmintics (worm treat­ment) the pigs are reg­u­larly dosed with.

Pig farm­ing, un­like ru­mi­nant (cat­tle, sheep and goat) farm­ing can be com­pared to an as­sem­bling in­dus­try. The feed in­gre­di­ents for pigs like soya bean, wheat pollard and fish meal are all im­ported and not lo­cally grown or sourced. The ge­netic ma­te­rial - the breed­ing stock of pigs - are im­ported too.

Feed for ru­mi­nant farm­ing on the other hand like grass, oil palm ker­nel cake, rice­bran, pineap­ple bran and other agri­cul­tural by-prod­ucts are all sourced lo­cally and does not in­volve for­eign ex­change. Although poul­try farm­ing also in­volves im­ported feed in­gre­di­ents and im­ported grand-par­ent stock, there is no pol­lu­tion prob­lem be­cause poul­try drop­pings can be sold as ma­nure to veg­etable farms. When reared in closed poul­try houses, there is no odour pol­lu­tion.

It would be bet­ter for us to im­port frozen pork from Viet­nam or other coun­tries. Af­ter all, other meat such as beef, sheep and goat meat are all im­ported frozen. Sin­ga­pore com­pletely banned pig farm­ing as it was un­able to solve the pig waste pol­lu­tion prob­lem and has re­sorted to im­port­ing frozen pork.

Most im­por­tantly, there will be no pig waste pol­lu­tion prob­lems (rivers, water­ways and odour pol­lu­tion) which are im­pos­si­ble to solve.

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