Bor­row­ers in favour of ev­ery­one pay­ing their dues

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PETALING JAYA: Na­tional Higher Ed­u­ca­tion Fund Cor­po­ra­tion (PTPTN) loan bor­row­ers think it is fair for ev­ery­one to be­gin re­pay­ing their dues – even if they are not earn­ing above RM4,000 yet.

Kavi Arasu Tan­jong Malai, 28, thinks that the move “is good” but said that the govern­ment should con­sider the bor­row­ers’ sit­u­a­tion be­fore de­mand­ing for re­pay­ment.

The as­sis­tant mar­ket­ing man­ager said he knew of peo­ple earn­ing above RM4,000 who had to take care of their par­ents’ high med­i­cal bills and could not af­ford to ser­vice their study loans.

“Our monthly and med­i­cal ex­penses have been in­creas­ing, and the govern­ment should first re­view the ba­sic needs of the peo­ple.

“We can talk about loan re­pay­ments later,” he said, adding that he was how­ever not in favour of com­pletely avoid­ing re­pay­ment.

He said those fac­ing prob­lems pay­ing back their loans should speak to PTPTN about re­struc­tur­ing their re­pay­ment.

Jes­sica Chan Mei Ling, 29, also agreed that it was a good move by the govern­ment.

“What­ever has been bor­rowed will need to be paid back,” she said, adding that this ap­plied to all bor­row­ers and not just those earn­ing a cer­tain amount.

“This way, bor­row­ers will learn how to bet­ter man­age their fi­nances, and it is also good for their credit score,” she said.

Stephanie Ae­ria, 27, said while this might not be the most ef­fi­cient move, she be­lieved that it was the best way to give ev­ery­one a “push” to make them pay their loans.

She pointed out that monthly in­stal­ments were about RM100 to RM200 for most peo­ple.

“Peo­ple are al­ways com­ing up with rea­sons why they can’t pay when they ac­tu­ally can af­ford this,” she said, adding that there were those who earned above RM4,000 but still re­fused to re­pay their loans.

E-com­merce ex­ec­u­tive Rod­ney Yoong said peo­ple should not com­plain about re­pay­ing their study loans, es­pe­cially those who could af­ford to travel for va­ca­tion.

The 25-year-old said should bor­row­ers de­fault on their PTPTN loans, this would pre­vent it from help­ing stu­dents in the fu­ture.

Apolo­getic: Wan Sai­ful ex­plain­ing to re­porters on why he had to go back on the prom­ise made in the Pakatan elec­tion man­i­festo to de­fer PTPTN loans for those earn­ing less than RM4,000.

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