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THE fault of hav­ing the club come in­side too quickly on the take­away is a sit­u­a­tion that most am­a­teur golfers ex­pe­ri­ence, yet it is also one that can be reme­died, rather eas­ily.

Jon Woodroffe, an Ad­vanced Fel­low of the Euro­pean PGA and an Eng­land Re­gional Coach of the Year, says this com­mon er­ror on the take­away oc­curs when you al­low the club­head to get sucked in too quickly be­hind your body.

To check the cor­rect po­si­tion at hori- zon­tal in your back­swing, go to that point and turn 90 de­grees to your right and then lower the club to get in your ad­dress po­si­tion.

Once you have done this, and if the club­head is too far to the right, you are bring­ing it too much in­side on your take­away. If it is too far to the left, it means that you are too far out­side on the take­away.

Step One Get to the point of your back­swing where the shaft is par­al­lel with the ground.

Step Three Lower the club. You should be left with an ex­act replica of your ad­dress po­si­tion.

Step Two Turn 90 de­grees to your right (right-han­ders) so the club­head is point­ing out in front of your chest.

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