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Law to regulate, not ban vaping


THE Health Ministry is looking into a law to regulate vaping instead of having a blanket ban on it.

Deputy Health Minister Datuk Hilmi Yahya said any discussion on the matter would be pre-mature and did not reveal details.

Noting that it is not easy to place a blanket ban, he said the ministry is looking into drafting a law to regulate vaping.

“If we ban vaping then what about tobacco? So there’s a catch there. But it is still too early for me to say anything as the matter is still in discussion,” he told reporters outside Parliament yesterday.

On Wednesday, Health Minister Datuk Seri S. Subramania­m said the long-term plan is to ban vaping or e-cigarette and was studying laws to proceed with it before vaping becomes a major issue.

“We want to choose an appropriat­e Act that will give us the power to do it,” he said.

In August, the ministry called for a temporary halt to shisha and e-cigarettes until findings on the risks are announced.

Malaysia reportedly has one million people who have started vaping, which is seen to be a popular trend among smokers.

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