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> SHARP introduces the world’s first air purifier with mosquito catcher


a mosquito catcher.

This feature reduces the nuisance and threats of mosquito related disease.

Besides that, the Plasmaclus­ter Ion (PCI) Technology protects one from viruses, allergens and microbes.

Its air purifier function, meanwhile, enables protection from dust and tiny particles especially PM2.5.

In collaborat­ion with the reputable Institute for Medical Research Malaysia, which is also the WHO Collaborat­ing Centre for Vector, the Mosquito Catcher of FP-FM40 is designed to carry out its task in five effective, safe and sound steps.

The partnershi­p has undertaken extensive study on mosquito behaviour and ran rigorous tests to confirm the mechanism effectiven­ess as well as ensuring that it is 100% harmless.

Firstly the LED UV light, which is seductive for some species, can easily catch the attention of the mosquito.

The black-coloured body of the air purifier is also intended as black is known to be an attractive colour

for mosquito. The narrow shape of the air inlet by the sides too is designed according to mosquito’s behaviour that likes to hide in narrow space.

Another main factor that helps to capture and retain the mosquitoes is the unique and powerful air flow and suction of SHARP’s air purifier.

The FP-FM40 also has a uniquely designed and replaceabl­e 3-layer glue sheet that can seal the mosquito firmly.

As each layer can seal the

 ??  ?? The Filter Cross Section.
The Filter Cross Section.
 ??  ?? SHARP Air Purifier FP-FM40.
SHARP Air Purifier FP-FM40.

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