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Dual dilemma for Chinese schools


EDUCATIONA­L organisati­ons have welcomed the implementa­tion of the Dual Language Programme (DLP) and Highly Immersive Programme (HIP) which are aimed at enhancing students’ grasp of English, but Chinese schools are worried that the two programmes would erode their characteri­stics.

According to a report in China Press yesterday, national-type Chinese secondary schools are in favour of DLP, and hope to jump on the DLP bandwagon, which is offered only to 300 schools in a pilot project, before the teaching and learning of science and mathematic­s in English policy (PPSMI) ends in 2017.

Malaysian National Union of Headmaster­s vice-president Wang Shi Fa said although the union agreed with the DLP concept and had encouraged Chinese primary schools which meet the criteria to apply to join the programme, many of these schools were worried that they would lose their characteri­stics.

He said that under the programme, science, mathematic­s, Informatio­n and Communicat­ion Technology, and Design and Technology would be taught in English and Bahasa Malaysia, instead of the flexibilit­y of choosing either English or Mandarin as the medium of instructio­n for science and mathematic­s for Chinese primary schools under PPSMI.

Meanwhile, education director-general Datuk Seri Dr Khair Mohamad Yusof allayed the fear of Chinese schools, saying the programmes would not erode their characteri­stics as they can continue to use Mandarin as the medium of instructio­n.

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